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Readers Respond: Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

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Have you made or tried a natural mosquito repellent? If so, let other readers who whether it was effective for you. Do you have any favorite natural mosquito repellent recipes? Share Your Experiences

ultimate repellent.

If you have a taste for spicy foods. Most insects & animals don't. Cayenne pepper works the best, even has a lingering effect. I took pepper pills to increase my circulation. An amazing by-product of that was the insects would avoid me like the plague. Like a lot of humans, animals & insects hate spice. People in the rainforest whom have died were not touched by the animals because they were much too spicy. Look it up. It's so true. You don't even have to have an aversion to spice if you take it in pill form. You never run into the mouth pain. Oh, you'll have some temporary minor exit issues, but nothing beats not being bitten & annoyed constantly by summer. Can't remember the last time I was bitten by an insect.
—Guest Kyle Diamond

White Wine Vinegar

Works like a bomb. 100% cheap, natural anti mosquitoe
—Guest Thabo Moeng

mosquitoe larvicide

neem seedoil goodquality + detergentsolution as a emulgent in oil/water emulison sprinkle on mosquitoe breed waters larves of mosquitoes stop their movement and died
—Guest sourirajan

Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

I think I may have found my solution to the torture! SoCal transplant in Tulsa OK & avid gardener who has literally had the joy sucked out of my favorite pastime. They chew me up day and night. Read thru all the ideas here & decided to try something already in my medicine chest. Tiger Balm Red Extra Strength- used for muscle ache. Active ingredients: camphor & menthol. Inactive ingredients: cajuput oil,cassia oil,clove oil, dementholized mint oil,and paraffin petrolatum. Applied very sparingly ( it's very strong) to all pulse points: behind ears, hollow of throat, wrists, inside elbows, behind knees, both sides of ankle and arch of foot (yes they bite my feet!) Tho I wasn't moving around much, just sitting outside but have been out there for a couple of hours and NOT ONE BITE. That NEVER happens. They landed & left!!! Not recommended for children and babies (2-12) without talking to their doc 1st. (Make sure to wash hands after & keep it from getting into eyes and mucous membranes.
—Guest PRW

drier sheets

I use drier sheets. Rup the sheets all over on skin and clothes and the mosquitos stay away. Plus you smell good.
—Guest a mckibben

Mosquito Debate

I've tried vinegar and reg. bug spray- both work fairly well
—Guest bob

Try Mission Essentials "Fight Back 2"

"Mission Essentials 2" is by far the best natural bug spray out there.
—Guest Steve

castor oil + sunflower oil

I followed the instruction on net. I used 1 table spoon of castor oil and 10 spoons ofsunflower oil. Mixed them and kept in a plastic bottle. I have covered it with a dark cloth to carry it in my bag. I apply it every day and reapply when I am outdoor. It works. I used to use odomos before. It was very good but I don't like the smell. This oils are comletely odourless.
—Guest rishona

My mosquito repellent recipe

I use an empty 26 oz industrial spray bottle and fill half with witch hazel and half with distilled water. To that I add 1 TBS of vegetable glycerin or polysorbate 20 (an emulsifier to mix the water and oils together better) Then, I like using 15 drops each of the following essential oils: eucalyptus, lemongrass, citronella, catnip. Followed with 7 drops of cinnamon oil. I also keep jojoba or almond oil on hand. Before I go outside, I apply oil to myself first and then I shake up my spray and spray myself. Mosquitos don't like oil because it breaks down their bodies.
—Guest Jackie

Not necessarily natural but effective

I live in south Louisiana with a backyard that is heavily shaded and holds water. It doesn't matter how much repellant natural or not, or how many torches I use, the mosquitoes are intolerable. Unless I burn some incense. The cheaper the incense cones and worse they smell, the better. I light a few and figure out where the wind is going. Then position them on the ground so that the smoke wafts past your legs. It works. Because they are on the ground the smell isn't so strong but the mosquitoes hate it!
—Guest Angela

Guest Blackwell

I have tried spraying white vinegar around my outside door, on both sides, and have found it to keep mosquitos out ot the house.
—Guest alyce Blackwell

Dryer Sheets Don't Work for Me

I justwanted to add... If the mosquitos love you as much as they love me, dryer sheets don't work. I could be with a crowd of people and mosquitos will always bite me and no one else. Last night I tried a dryer sheet... still walked inside with about 10 bites.
—Guest Sheryl

It worked for me!

I used 4 tbs. Of olive oil and 10 drops each of lemon oil and eucalyptus. Waljed down to the neighbors and the mosquitos were buzxing around me and landed on my finger and leg they flew right away. I just sprayed some on my dogs and robbed it into there fur and took them outside and the mosquitos hovered around them but never landed on them. I think it works great.
—Guest Terica

Do these sting where you shave?

I was wondering if the homemade repellents sting when applied? I shave a lot (Greek girl here) and Off stings badly on my skin! I want to make some repellent soon since we will be camping in June. I'm not outdoorsy and would hate for any of us to be miserable due to bites.
—Guest Sunshine7739

Natural Insecticide and Repellant

We just sprayed camphor oil around sink and door frames and ants expired instantly.
—Guest Susan

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Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

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