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Readers Respond: Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

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Have you made or tried a natural mosquito repellent? If so, let other readers who whether it was effective for you. Do you have any favorite natural mosquito repellent recipes? Share Your Experiences

Mr Clean please stop!

I would like to ask Guest Mr Clean to re-consider applying dryer softener sheets to his and his children's skin. Chemicals in the sheets might absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, possibly affecting the brain or other vital organs. With all due respect, it just doesn't seem safe.

Give Don't Bug Me! a try

I've been using the roll-on for several years now. It's made by Niecey's Naturals. Url is nieceysnaturals.com
—Guest Sarah T.


I set out a container with water near patio. When larva appear I add a drop of two of Dawn. I have also caught adult mosquitoes. This seem to reduce the overall population in the area. I keep a ceiling fan on high when on the patio and the mosquitoes stay away. I suspect the fan dissipates the CO2 from my breath that attracts them.
—Guest Donald

Natural Mosquito repelant!!

Rub a light layer of vicks rub on the bare skin! Not only will you be able to breathe well... little pesky boogers stay away!!! :)
—Guest VICKS


I've been using regular bounty dryer sheets for about a year now on my self as well as my 6 yr old, 4 yr old and 1 yr old, and it works AMAZINGLY!!! Just rub it on and thats it! I even tape them to the inside of my tent while camping and I've killed one maybee 2 sqeeters.
—Guest Mr. Clean

Allicinmax capsules

My daughter took one Allicinmax capsule a day for a month before going to Mexico and took them one a day 2 weeks on holiday, she never got one bite. Forgot to mention that!
—Guest Barry

Wash in Detol soap or use detol spray

If you wash with detol soap adding detol to your water when washing or spray detol added to water in a spray bottle to spray over you, this keeps mosquitoes away. It works brilliant, never got a bite. you can wash your cloths and add detol in the last rinse. Mexican people cut a fresh lemon and rub it over themselves.
—Guest Barry

best ever natural mozzie stuff

I was bitten really badly the other day and discover this product called the Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff made by The Locals. It was the best relief I've ever found for stopping the itching and also stopped them biting me any more.
—Guest ella

natural repellents that work

I used this product in Australia called The Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff. I was amazed that something that smelt so nice and was chemical free actually did the trick. I think one of its ingredients is Eucalyptus oil, so maybe that's why that myth about Lysterine could be true.
—Guest catainnemo

Natural Bug spray

Mission Essentials now has a natural bug stick that smells just like the spray and works fabulous!
—Guest Steve

ultimate repellent.

If you have a taste for spicy foods. Most insects & animals don't. Cayenne pepper works the best, even has a lingering effect. I took pepper pills to increase my circulation. An amazing by-product of that was the insects would avoid me like the plague. Like a lot of humans, animals & insects hate spice. People in the rainforest whom have died were not touched by the animals because they were much too spicy. Look it up. It's so true. You don't even have to have an aversion to spice if you take it in pill form. You never run into the mouth pain. Oh, you'll have some temporary minor exit issues, but nothing beats not being bitten & annoyed constantly by summer. Can't remember the last time I was bitten by an insect.
—Guest Kyle Diamond

White Wine Vinegar

Works like a bomb. 100% cheap, natural anti mosquitoe
—Guest Thabo Moeng

mosquitoe larvicide

neem seedoil goodquality + detergentsolution as a emulgent in oil/water emulison sprinkle on mosquitoe breed waters larves of mosquitoes stop their movement and died
—Guest sourirajan

Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

I think I may have found my solution to the torture! SoCal transplant in Tulsa OK & avid gardener who has literally had the joy sucked out of my favorite pastime. They chew me up day and night. Read thru all the ideas here & decided to try something already in my medicine chest. Tiger Balm Red Extra Strength- used for muscle ache. Active ingredients: camphor & menthol. Inactive ingredients: cajuput oil,cassia oil,clove oil, dementholized mint oil,and paraffin petrolatum. Applied very sparingly ( it's very strong) to all pulse points: behind ears, hollow of throat, wrists, inside elbows, behind knees, both sides of ankle and arch of foot (yes they bite my feet!) Tho I wasn't moving around much, just sitting outside but have been out there for a couple of hours and NOT ONE BITE. That NEVER happens. They landed & left!!! Not recommended for children and babies (2-12) without talking to their doc 1st. (Make sure to wash hands after & keep it from getting into eyes and mucous membranes.
—Guest PRW

drier sheets

I use drier sheets. Rup the sheets all over on skin and clothes and the mosquitos stay away. Plus you smell good.
—Guest a mckibben

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Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

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