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Readers Respond: Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

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CATNIP OIL is HATED by mosquitos!

Can't believe you didn't mention the essential oil of Catnip! It is off the charts for keeping mosquitos away, AND it doesn't stink! One way you can mix essential oils into water based products is to mix Polysorbate 20 with your essential oil 1:1 BEFORE mixing into water or vinegar..Basically the polysorbate is a naturally derived emulsifier. It will make your oil mix into water so it is equally dispersed, say, in a sprayer. I buy my catnip and polysorbate 20 from a small essential oil distributer. Prob can't name it here, but just google it. You can mix in Witch Hazel instead of water or vinegar or just use all three.
—Guest gina

castor oil is NOT an essential oil

Castor oil is a carrier oil, but I would not recommend it for an application like this since it is very thick and sticky. Two other EO's which are mosquito repellents are Lemongrass and Lavender.
—Guest Erin

retired chem teacher

liquid Ivory soap for dishes worked very well with the added benefit of being able to clean dishes. I rubbed one arm only with it and mosquitoes stayed away for over an hour. My other arm was attacked often.
—Guest DHK

Listerine and Mosquitoes

My little Yorkie gets deathly sick from heartworm medication, can't tolerate most chemicals so can never take her out in evening/early morning. Last year on a tip, tried putting a neckerchief on her sprayed with Listerine...and slapped some on me too (I seem to be a major mosquito magnet). Well, it worked like a charm! Unbelievably, I didn't get a single bite and I live in a huge mosquito infested area d/t lots of woods and ponds. Still don't like taking my little pooch out at night, but if I must take her somewhere, I don't leave home without her Listerine soaked neckachief and I love that there are no harsh chemicals to stress her liver and pancreas (she suffers from chronic pancreatitis so it's essential I totally limit chemicals on her).
—Guest Judyann J


Light up the tip of a wick (4 inch long cotton threads rolled by hand to form a wick) immersed in a small dish containing NEEM )oil (50ml costs Ind.Rs50/- ).The fumes are not harmful.ventilate the room after half hour.the mosquitoes fly away if windows are open.The just DROP DEAD if this lighted lamp is kept in a closed room. I have tried it and it really works. for outdoors, you can rub neem oil on the exposed part of the body to keep away mosquitoes.


I Have tried this , spraying it full strength on my dogs bed at night. It definately helps reduce the number of mozzies but not all of them. My dog doesnt mind the smell, I used the regular brand listerine. However my friend sprayed her back yard area with the mint listerine and she said it attracted a lot of ants, so she advises againt the sweeter style listerine.
—Guest fastpurpleharley

Good Insect Repellent

Check out Buzz Off at www.godscountrybotanicals.com. They blend about 10 different essential oils together for an effective insect repellent. Smells really good with the cedar and lemon eucalyptus. You can't buy all those oils for the price they sell it for.


I'm such a mosquito magnet (also black biting flies) that my kids say "Throw Momma off the deck!" In a short trip outside today, I got 4 bites, my husband got none. My skin temp is cooler than most; it's not the time of the month (I'm past that). Oddly I think I'm totally immune to poison ivy--may never have had it. Connection?
—Guest Ellen

Know your oils!

To repond to Keithgvp Cassia Oil is NOT Cinnamon Oil.
—Guest Tommy

Internal Mosquito Repellant

I've found that taking excessive amounts of Vitamin C for a few days before going camping keeps mosquitos and bugs in general away from me. Being water soluble, Vitamin C won't accumulate in the body, but instead will be excreted in sweat. Bugs hate it! NOTE: If you experience diarrhea you're taking too much.
—Guest drdulttl


Ok so if you buy lemon eucalyptus as a liquid incense it is far more cheaper than buying the oil, as you can dilute the incense in baby oil or mix it with body lotion & apply. And this way it is cheaper and probably better for your skin as with the oil it wasn't really designed for the skin but for oil burners. As well another good technique if you have a baby is to just spray a little on their teddy/doll or something they sleep with. And yes lemon eucalyptus does work (personal experience).
—Guest kandii

Dakota Free Outdoor Gel

Why go to the trouble (and experience dissappointment) to make your own when you can let someone else do the work? I get Dakota Free's Outdoor Gel from www.dakotafree.com. It is Gluten free, perfume free, pesticide free, citronella free and DEET free. Works great and is safe!
—Guest gjjknopp

mosquito repellant

I hear that spraying oneself and area with the reg. listerine helps get rid of mosquitoes. I hope this helps.
—Guest audrey

essential oil caution

When using any essential oil, mix a small amount first and test it on your wrist. If you have a bad reaction, don't use it! The only oil I have issues with is Lemon. Cinnamon Oil has been a favorite of mine for other uses, so will be trying it as a mosquito repellent tonight. I'm guessing the camphor and eucalyptus in Vicks is what does the trick against mosquitos.

Listerine & Dryer Sheets

I live in Northern California. We have mosquitoes. I spend a lot of time in the woods and attract the little buggers like crazy. I have found Regular Listerine( buy the cheaper generic brands ) and even clothing softener sheets work very well . I see where the mouth wash contains eucalyptus oil and I prefer it to the sheets . I just use it undiluted in a spray bottle..Apply it every couple of hours.
—Guest Jim

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Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

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