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Readers Respond: Second Grade Science Fair Projects

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Second grade is a good level to do a science fair project, but it can be challenging finding a science fair project idea. Do you have an idea for a second grade science fair project? If so, share your project idea here. If you need a second grade science fair project, read the ideas that have been submitted by people just like you. Share Your Project Idea


I would like ideas to set up a science oroject for my second grade class.
—Guest ben thomas

string phone

take 2paper cups and connect them with a string. 1 person talks from one paper cup if u put the otherone near ur ear you can hear what they were saying.
—Guest fifth grade

Paper airplanes

CAREFULLY fold 3 different types of paper airplanes. Fly them someplace inside so there is no outside wind to effect them and see which one goes the furthest. Fly them several times to get a good reading and make a chart to show the difference.
—Guest cozmovb

Dew and frost

Me and my friend did a science project on dew and frost. We used 2 soup cans and put water in one soup can and ice in the other and the one with the ice had frost on the front of the can and the one with the water on the can had dew. In the one with the frost inside also had salt and maybe even sugar I don't know. But try it!
—Guest Auri

what effects the amount of swings of a p

what effects the amount of swings of a pendulum? length of string heaviness of weight etc
—Guest Noor

Insect Eyes

You could do a project on insect eyes. How many eyes do insects have? Do they all have the same types of eyes?
—Guest Bug Lady

Clean Pennies

What kitchen ingredients clean pennies the best. Try ketchup, baking soda, orange juice, milk, water.
—Second Grade

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Second Grade Science Fair Projects

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