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Readers Respond: Best Science Fair Project Idea

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Do you have a great idea for a science fair project? Add it here so you won't forget it or to help other people who are having trouble coming up with an idea. If you are having trouble coming up with a science fair project idea, get an idea here.


mix to purfumes to make a new scent.wat u do is get a cup pour some into a cup and mix it with anthour
—Guest sexyness mike

what is cleaner?

swab a dog,cat and rabbits mouth what one has less growth (THE RABBIT HAS THE CLEANEST MOUTH)
—Guest kris

Which hand sanitizer work the best?

Ask yur teacher to grow some germs for you and yuu tesst. If yu do thiss. Good Luck(: !~
—Guest Unicorns ^~^

salt,pepper,and a ballon

What you do is,you get salt and pepper and mix it together on a table or flat surface. Then you rub a ballon on your head and put it over the salt in pepper. If you rub the ballon on your head enough and face it correctly towards the salt and pepper the salt will fly up to the ballon. It does this because of the static electrecty comming off of your hair.
—Guest chase n

Which grows faster

Get to hamsters give one storebrougt food and one homemade see which on grows faster
—Guest Jazzy279

Cat Food

Do cats like dry or wet food better? It's fun, especially if you own a cat! (you could learn whether or not your cat likes wet/dry food)
—Guest Tetu0909

glass,sound,and water

if you have 5 glass cups and pour different amounts of water into them will they make diffrent sounds
—Guest dumdumgivemegumgum

Worms and light

Get mud and go buy worms and but different colored wrapping and see how they react
—Guest Noa

Tootsie pop

no one will ever kno how many licks it takes dahh it depends on how big the mouth is n how much spit is in there
—Guest Bianca Townsend

coke and mentos eruption

haha just pour the candy in a coke... awesome i got the first ranking
—Guest YANI!!

Magnets And Lights

i got 1st place on magnets and how the light of them affect it does ut make it stronger or no
—Guest mia

lifting an ice cube without touching it

first you put an icecube on a cup and get a piece of string put it on top of the ice cube and pour it on top of the string and ice and soon the string is stuck with the ice just pull the string and you got an icecube out of a cup without even touching cool dont you think
—Guest karla

light a bulb with a baterry

buy a baterry and a little light bulb and a wire then tie the wire to the bulb and the other side of the wire to the - side of the baterry and the light bulb put it on the + side of the baterry and there you have the light on the bulb! it was fun wasent it
—Guest kevin

science fairs

turning on a light bulb with 2wires and a battery and a small light bulb
—Guest gisekle

money wash

to see if money gets fainter in the washing machine or a dish washer
—Guest mimi28
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