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Readers Respond: Best Science Fair Project Idea

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Do you have a great idea for a science fair project? Add it here so you won't forget it or to help other people who are having trouble coming up with an idea. If you are having trouble coming up with a science fair project idea, get an idea here. Share Your Idea


how to make a better project than volcano show a video and write about it and shao how yo make it to be the first one
—Guest Marufa

The Magic Chemicals

Here's an experiment I've never tried, but sounds really cool. Get 3 8 foot strings of yarn, 3 drinking straws , 2 identical plastic bottles, a balloon, baking soda and vinegar, and diet coke and mentos. First tape the bottles to the straws. Tape them any horizontally and put the vinegar and diet coke in. Blow the balloon and hold it. Tape the string ends to the floor and ceiling, and put the baking soda into the vinegar and put the cap on, and put the straw upsideow
—Guest Noobs Are Stupid in Roblox

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

I made a car that was sun powered but since the sun wasn't out during the science fair I thought I'd make it a hydrogen fuel cell car. I got an A+ and an environmentalist came and thought that it was a great idea! She said,''this is a great idea for the future'' and ''it would help stop Global Warming from hurting polar bears'' as I had said in my speech. Sorry that was very long but it was really fun and my time was well spent!:):):)
—Guest Guest science nerd

does the color of a food effect how huma

make two smothies(i did vegetable). food color one green and the other pink. see which one people want more.
—Guest ananymous

mentos powered car

get 2 plastic cups, hot glue them together, so its closed. poke a hole in the back, and a closing lid on top. hot glue wheels on the bottom. drop in mentos in the closing hole, then diet coke. close fastly and stand back!


can you see me in the mirror because i can see you
—Guest dont look at me retards

Plants vs wi-fi radiation

Does wi-fi radiation affect plants. Recent studies show it affects trees
—Guest Ghost

science project

cold packs take heat away and give you cold once you snap them, but what is inside and how does the snap make it instantly cold? this is a great project if you have ever used one of. these types of cold packs. you will get an A, or a plus!
—Guest meep

Colored Fire?

Can you color fire? Yes. Look it up! This will earn an A for sure!!!
—Guest Danielle

be creative

WELL this isn't really a specific idea but a really good one BE CREATIVE what pops in your head when the say extrodinary science fair project! VOLCANOS salr and vinegar Dealing with anything Remember just use imagination
—Guest hi


if u like easy stuff and soccer then u should do this: which one moves better? a soccer ball that is wet or a soccer ball that is dry???????? HMMMMMMM???????? ;D
—Guest you don't need to know but i am a girl


which plant can purifer water better get a list of water purifying plants and test them on polluted waters
—Guest einstein

Extremely Fun Project

For our science fair my friend and I made a hovercraft. Best project I have ever done!!!!
—Guest Kyle

Shape and attraction by simularity

After doing some work with different magnets I have found that both shape and conduction of magnetism has to do with attraction in stainless steel. Having a hole in the stainless with a magnet with a hole, creates a simularity. Touching a magnet with stainless also allows for a bond. A closed loop on top of a bowl some how stops attraction, but not a flattened one. A kitchen sink made of stainless can attract and repail and cause rotation of a center hung magnet with both a hole and connection to another stainless peice. If you have even one medal screw in it the magnet will stick anywhere. If not connection varies from shapes and being inside or outside of the shapes. Strange but true, shape does matter in magnetic attraction when working with stainless!
—Guest Phillip

Great Vitamin C in Orange Juice

Check Google for it!! Great. I got A+ for it awesome!! Good luck!
—Guest A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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