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Readers Respond: Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

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It can be really hard to come up with a science fair project idea. Sometimes it helps to see what others have done or to read project ideas. Have you done a middle school science fair project or do you have a good idea for a good middle school project? Here's your chance to share what you think with other readers. What's your project idea?

white fish

when you leave a fish in the dark it will eventually turn white. Try plz really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest kittycat60

bubble gum

which bubble gum brand pops the biggest bubbles and get the answer
—Guest guest name

Rusty Nail

I did a science experiment on which types of nails rust the fastest. A nail in vinegar, water, or Pepsi.
—Guest anonymoud

crystal race.

i recorded how fast it took for crystals to grow using salt and sugar... i got fourth place... but the good thing was after they grew i got to eat the sugar crystals! (do not eat the SALT.)
—Guest Doodlebug1111


i took 3 types of cheese, because i like cheese. any type would be good. you put them on your toes ( all of your toes ) and see which one molds the fastest. Got a D-.... still worth it because you can eat the cheese after you are done. But be sure that you take out the cheese correctly from your toes or else it might taste weird. But i eat it either way, because i love cheese. So enjoy your foot cheese!
—Guest i like cheese and toes

Ants be gone!!!

Last year in 6th grade I did a science fair project with my friends and we did WHICH HOUSE HOLD PRODUCT REPELS ANTS BETTER LEMONJUICE ,POWDER, OR CINNAMON? We got second place in the school
—Guest Guest5


i did an experiment on what foods are the best to seal cracks. like peanut butter, pudding, jello, and ice cream. i then let them dry and put water in the cup with the crack measured what food stopped the water best. got an AAAA some how... so easy
—Guest 6666666666

caffeine - plants

I watered 3 plants with caffeine & 3 with water , record your results & make a graph to see wich one dies faster it's so easy!! I got an A+
—Guest bqggrdxvv

How To Win Da Science Fair!

be da smartest kid ya know! duh! i never did dat so i never won dat fair. but my friend was smart so she won/
—Guest Random Randa

LED lights

I did a science project on L.E.D lights and I got 1 st place! Do L.E.D lights affect electricity usage? I took a normal light and meausured the amps(you want the least amount of amps) and then I took the L.E.D light and measured the amps. It was pretty cool and I got 1st place and an A+!!!!!!
—Guest mustache


Does the color of a crayon affect how long of a line it makes.
—Guest Sonic


In 5th grade i did a project on which candies melt faster. All u gotta do is put different kind of candies(lollipop,hershey,ect)in hot boiling water and see which one melt the fastest. Also got 1st place!
—Guest chiii say hello

Get an A t

make a reagular valcano but instead of baking soda use mentos and pop.whatch you teachers be amazed.
—Guest shay

Colored Fire

i did an experiment on colored fire. i bought chemicals like copper sulfate, and lit it after spraying alcohol on it. (you can also use salt). it was really awsome and i won the science fair. it was an easy A
—Guest makhassak


we got a toilet paper roll and cut a rubber band on one side then taped the rubber band so it went diagonally across the top then set it asside and got 3 straws and cut one straw 2 inches long taped the ends of the straws toget her with the little one in the middle then u put the rubber band in the middle of the two straws so it is touching the babby straw and some of the big straw will be hanging out the bottum pull it and let go it will shoot a long way this is a good way to test elastic potential energy epa
—Guest hunger games

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