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Readers Respond: Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

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plant project

I think I'll do the crystal growing project for my 7th grade project, and the best project I've done was the "compare how fast plants grow depending on the amount of iron in the soil" project, but someone who sent shrimp through tubes won, is that even a project?
—Guest trey b.


maybe you can do: what type of fertilizer helps plants grow the best? organic vs. chemical.
—Guest rainbowdoggie21


First off to say, never do the Volcano experiment or the mentos with soda. (: Also I like the video game one and the Diaper one. Also, I need help with a good 7th grade idea.
—Guest Breeze


you shouldn't do the experiment to see what diaper holds the most....water! It has been repeated way TOO MANY times! And people aren't going to care how much the diaper holds, they won't be leaving their babies in the diaper until the diaper holds as much as it can, the judges want to see something they would actually care about and use, trust me it isn't smart!
—Guest LUCKY21

SMile : Now you see , NOw you don't

JUst because smiles arent appealing ( at times) doesnt mean, there fake. A smile is a Smile _ so to make a long story short try this project : Can you tell the difference between a real smile from a fake one!!!!
—Guest thejulbrat720


I tried the volcano and I got last place because it wasn't original and a bunch of other people did it but the one that got first place was a huge magnet that stuck to a huge can of sprite
—Guest Daniele

Dear pakipuchu

Dear pakipuchu, thats a good idea and its up 2 u i suggest doing ,: " wich video game increases pulse rate" its also an excuse for playing video games all day! Its fun and easy u will win 4 sure! your truelly, cupecake
—Guest cupecake


—Guest cupecake

video games

test wich wii games increas pulse rate, wii sports or just dance 3
—Guest cupecake

Salt Water

Measure 3 Different Teaspoons Of Salt And Put The In Three Different Containers Of Water . Freeze t
—Guest Ericka

Which absorb more? Pull- ups' or diapers

I think someone should do this project because it is a 8th-12th grade science project.and all you have to do is do the rest by your self..
—Guest nandi

Teeth Trauma

Use old baby teeth or go to your dentist and ask for a couple. Take the teeth and let them sit in different liquids such as soda and orange juice. it's easy and you don't have to do much. I got 1st place in sixth grade and i also got a trophy over all the science fair projects. Hope you enjoy it!
—Guest science gal

temperature makes all the difference

et a crystal growing kit grow 5 of the same kind and put them in 5 different temps. and see if that effects them growing i did that in 6th grade and measure in centemeters
—Guest sidney


I am in 6th grade and I seriously need a project idea! I am maybe interested in doing something like: Does hand sanitizer really affect the amount a germs on your hands? If so, which hand sanitizer works the best? But if I did do something like that I don't know where I can find a procedure to do that! Please HELP!
—Guest Pakipichu

Baking soda or Baking powder?

if you make pancakes, muffins, or any other simple recipe that takes either baking soda or baking powder, bake using the opposite (if it says baking soda, use baking powder, if it uses baking powder, use baking soda) make the recipe twice, one time using baking powder, and the other time using baking soda.
—Guest Sarah

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