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Readers Respond: Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

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—Guest cupecake

video games

test wich wii games increas pulse rate, wii sports or just dance 3
—Guest cupecake

Salt Water

Measure 3 Different Teaspoons Of Salt And Put The In Three Different Containers Of Water . Freeze t
—Guest Ericka

Which absorb more? Pull- ups' or diapers

I think someone should do this project because it is a 8th-12th grade science project.and all you have to do is do the rest by your self..
—Guest nandi

Teeth Trauma

Use old baby teeth or go to your dentist and ask for a couple. Take the teeth and let them sit in different liquids such as soda and orange juice. it's easy and you don't have to do much. I got 1st place in sixth grade and i also got a trophy over all the science fair projects. Hope you enjoy it!
—Guest science gal

temperature makes all the difference

et a crystal growing kit grow 5 of the same kind and put them in 5 different temps. and see if that effects them growing i did that in 6th grade and measure in centemeters
—Guest sidney


I am in 6th grade and I seriously need a project idea! I am maybe interested in doing something like: Does hand sanitizer really affect the amount a germs on your hands? If so, which hand sanitizer works the best? But if I did do something like that I don't know where I can find a procedure to do that! Please HELP!
—Guest Pakipichu

Baking soda or Baking powder?

if you make pancakes, muffins, or any other simple recipe that takes either baking soda or baking powder, bake using the opposite (if it says baking soda, use baking powder, if it uses baking powder, use baking soda) make the recipe twice, one time using baking powder, and the other time using baking soda.
—Guest Sarah

How much juice is in an orange?

I got an A+++++++++++ i was in 6th grade i won 2nd place metal maybe u can too !st
—Guest Areeba

Flower experiment

I was thinking of doing a science eperiment, using white flowers putting them in a glass with ink or colored water and see how long it takes to change color, because it sucks up the water from the glass.
—Guest Daniela

look down below!

take a brick and a good size cell phone (that has no use) and see which one hits the ground first
—Guest merrry


7th Grade Project: I put old dull pennies in vinegar, lemon juice, and water, to see which would clean the penny the best. Very easy, I didn't win but I got an 100%! Use 27 pennies!
—Guest May2323.(:

PHed food

In third grade, I did a project to see what brands of food made your PH better, I used Health food store chicken Breasts(LOL:P), Food lion chicken breasts(=D), Health food store apple, food lion apple, and my dads water purifier. I got 1st place and went to nationals(In the 3RD GRADE)
—Guest Lil' KK


In 3rd grade i did a project about ice cubes. Wither it would melt faster in room temperature water or just in the air. Hope it works for you cuz it workedv for me and it was fun and simple!

permenate marker

I think the most easiest and most fastinating one was where you see what takes off permenate marker the best? My sugestion is that you do that one. Easy, fast, and educational!
—Guest Leah

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Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas

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