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Readers Respond: Grade School Science Fair Project Ideas

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You take as many different kinds of popcorn as you like, then see which popcorn pops the most!!!:)
—Guest awesome me!!:)

my paper towel is better then yours

You get 5 different brands of paper towels and see how much water it can hold, once it breaks then thats the end of that one. My friend and I did it twice for all the paper towels because we wanted to make sure. Thank you for reading my project.
—Guest keely

color changing flowers

Get a white flower (best if dry). Put it in a vase without water. Pour water and food coloring. Wait a day or two. It will be a different color.
—Guest shadow the hedgehog

Battery Toy

Take one toy that needs batteries and use Energizer batteries first and the second time use something else like Kodak. Time each use of the toy with each brand of batteries. Try to find out which battery works longer. Problem Statment: Which battery makes the toy work longer?
—Guest Julianna102.webs.com


You could maybe gather a few candles during cold weather, Place one inside, and one somewhere niether cold nor warm, and see which one burns out faster or which one burns the candle completely faster.
—Guest Salem

Decaying Teeth

Put fake teeth into a Coke can, a Pepsi can and a Mountain Dew can. See which one decays the teeth faster.
—Guest becky

stop the rot

Which preservative keeps apples freshest the longest: salt,water,air? Air is the perservative that keeps the apple fresh the longest.
—Guest cheermonkey

Can oil control the evaporation of water

I did this 4-7th grade. It is so easy. All you do is take 4 containers of water and put 10 drops of oil in the first one, 6 in the second one, 4 in the third one and 0 in the fourth one and record how much evaporation occurs in each container over 5 days.
—Guest you only wish you knew

grass grows gwell

Take one type of grass. Put 5 of those seeds in one pot. Do the same thing to other pot. Put one pot in an extremely bright window. Put the other pot in front of a cold window sill. Check your results every 2 days. Record the results.
—Guest farting is awesome

sensitivity smell

Do people have the same sensitivity to smell? Place people at one end of a room. Have another person open a scent, such as lemon oil or vinegar. Have your test subjects write down what they smell and what time they smelled it. Is the time the same for different scents? Does it matter whether the test subject was male or female?
—Guest jamie


Can you teach an old dog a new trick - result...do it and find out!
—Guest I AM KELSEY!!!!!

Marigolds of Juice Soda Milk and Water

Get a small package of marigold seeds and put them in the same size pots and same amount of soil and same amount of sun. Now enter 1 cup of water in the first marigold pot, label it A.Then put 1 cup of soda in plant B.After that put 1 cup of milk in plant C.Finally put 1 cup of juice in plant D.Record your data of your conclusions...then repeat the project several more times until you find which plant (A,B,C,and D)has grown the largest and healthiest.
—Guest Ann

grow Grow GROW

Which grass seed grows the fastest??? (Pleaeaeaeaease put this science fair project into your own words. Thanks)
—Guest Mary


Get sugar and a balloon. Take the balloon and rub it on the wall, then take a plate and put sugar on it. Rub the balloon 10 times on the wall, then lay it on the sugar and see if the sugar is going to stick to the balloon.


does tap water freeze faster tha salt water.??-yes tap water does cause salt water takes loger to freeze cause it has salt i it.
—Guest Karma

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