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Readers Respond: Easy Science Fair Project Ideas

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From the article: Easy Science Fair Projects
Do you have an idea for an easy science fair project? Maybe you just want to see ideas for easy science fair projects that have been submitted by others. Either way, you've come to the right place.

static electricity balloon

Rub the balloon against your hair , then it will stick, time it. How long was it?

Bouncy Eggs

put one egg in water & one in vinegar. drop them in a bowl & see what happens....:)
—Guest silverkick

egg spoiled

Its easy to get a egg spoiled in fresh or salt water
—Guest daphne segura

do ladybugs prefer certain colors?

In this project you try to find out which color ladybugs are attracted to the most. I think its pretty cool!
—Guest Samaa Hourshad

buoyancy with eggs

How much salt will it take to float a egg to the top of water
—Guest kimberly

science fair project

you should do like what brand of cat/dog food will your cat/dog eat the most of -lala land
—Guest lala land

Which Object Falls Faster?

Get Four Heavy And Foyr Light Objects Best If Theyre The Same Thing You Can Get A Fan OR Something And Just Drop Both Object And See Which One Hits The Floor First
—Guest Annonymous

egg time

items:four egg shells and 11 books see how much books can the egg shells hold place the egss in a big square so the books can stay on top of them then carefully stack the books on top of the eggs keep going until the egg brakes
—Guest jack

long lasting Whipped cream

are you tired of your whip cream spoiling quick? well i have a solution. all you need is unflavored gelatin, confectioners sugar, and some cold water! you will first add 2 tsp of cold water into a sauce pan then add the confectioners sugar in with the gelatin. then pour the gelatin and sugar into the sauce pan. after the gelatin get"s thick, pour the gelatin into the whip cream. next use a blender and blend it all together. after that, you sit it in the fridge, and after 2 months, your whipped cream will still be fresher than ever. enjoy!


grow salt crystals and use 3 or more samples.like on the first sample put a lot of salt.then the next a medium amount.then a small amount on the last one.then let them grow! courtesy of tigerlilly ;)
—Guest tigerlilly

salt water vs fresh water

find different small objects around your house and get two small cups or conatiner. you label one fresh water and the other salt water. than you take one one object drop in fresh water/ time it. then take that same object put it in salt water .
—Guest karissa

hard boiled eggs

Get two hard boiled eggs and then put one in vinegar and one in water. The egg shell dissolves in the vinegar. Why? This project got me in first place in the science fair!
—Guest Mayzie Elizondo


—Guest Drscience

Does boiling or tap water freeze faster?

Take 4 oz. of tap water and 4 oz of boiling tap water and place in a plastic decanter into a 30 degree freezer. Which freezes faster?
—Guest Will Brown

tide vs. gain?

which laundry detergent cleans best? tide or gain? does the items staining them matter?the amount?
—Guest jessica
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