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Readers Respond: Cool Science Fair Project Ideas

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From the article: Cool Science Fair Projects
Have you done a cool science fair project or do you have an idea for a cool science fair project? Share your ideas or read these ideas and try the project yourself. What's Your Cool Idea?

bouncy egg

make an egg bounce by putting it in a jar and lighting matches underneath it
—Guest .kajbsc.aslgbf.ar

bouncing egg

put an egg in a bottle of vinegar and wait for 24 hour and see what the egg looks like!
—Guest tiffany

pepper and water

get a bowl of water then add alittle pepper then get a BAR of soap dab it in and watch the magic
—Guest gabby


you need at least three candles, three colors on paint, three cups of water( about the same amount) and three plates then put the paint in water to make watered paint then poor the water in the plate then take the candles and place them in the paint then light the candles then the cup you used, put it on top of the the candles and the watered paint sucks up the cup and candles go off and the paint stays like that and waaaalllllaaaa
—Guest tlh

its gross, i know. that's why i love it

gather the common bugs in your area and keep each kind in a separate jar. freeze them (its more humane then boiling) and take off legs, wings, etc. then, create a calorimeter to measure the nutrients in each species. compare and your done. oh, and don't forget to save some of each to try. i heard cockroaches taste like greasy chicken, and so do grasshoppers, locusts, and crickets! lol ;) i love bugs, and i have never tried them.
—Guest megnox(the real one)

bulb with pencil lead

u will need 2 aligator clips with long wire connected to them and 5 9volt batteries' pencil lead and a glass jar. place the lead between the 2 clips and tape the wire down onto a flat surface, then place the jar over it and connect the ends of each wire to the batteries and wait abit and the lead will lite
—Guest nur

Lightbulb lighting orange

Put a bunch of cords around it and see what happens!!!!!
—Guest Bianca Agosto


Gather three or more candles; one being white and the others being different colors. (The all have to be the same shape and heigh though). Light them all and see which one burns out first. ;)
—Guest Daisy


Make a vineager and Bakingsoda Volcano!! ~WHOOP~WHOOP~
—Guest Layla miss whoop whoop


Grow Carbon Nano tubes or make Kevlar. You need certain camliches and stuff, I think you could do it if you really wanted to.Sounds fun, I know this isn't a good answer but start with this.
—Guest ynPDxbFMNJ


First you need 2 balloons then rub it on your hair then put it against your face and see if it feels tingly or awkward
—Guest amy


Put yeast in a bottle for 2 min then set it over a heater and it blows up balloons!!!!
—Guest Megan

what works better?

get 2 plants water and any pop and water them every day what one does better? pop or water
—Guest aiden

what takes longest to evaporate

take pop and water and leave it out for a while and see which one takes the longest to evaporate
—Guest aiden


you can suck a whole egg in to a bottle it is cool :)
—Guest hannah

What's Your Cool Idea?

Cool Science Fair Project Ideas

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