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Readers Respond: Cool Science Fair Project Ideas

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From the article: Cool Science Fair Projects
Have you done a cool science fair project or do you have an idea for a cool science fair project? Share your ideas or read these ideas and try the project yourself.

Supah Planes

Does weight affect the distance of paper airplanes ?
—Guest Preying

Which is more powerful, water or earth?

This science fair is a really good idea. You gather about 6 materials you will test, such as cardboard, plastic, and house hold items. You should have 2 of the materials, ex. 2 pieces of cardboard. Then, you bury the material in earth, and with the other piece, you soak it in water. You leave the pieces in there for 1 week. See which one is more decomposed or damaged. I came up with this one by myself, so I think it's really interesting.
—Guest Antonina

Colored Water

Watering the a white rose seed with olored water will change the color of the petals of the flower!!!!!!
—Guest Blah

Which fruit has the most vitamin C?

So I did this project in 5th grade and it turned out great!!
—Guest Samaa Hourshad

3 Liquids

Well, I never used this idea but I plan on to this year, take 5 liquids, 1 plant but get 3 of the same and test to see which one makes the plant grow the most. You take the same amount of liquid and pour it into the plant every day and record it.
—Guest mouse


Boil and egg and see if its mass changes. I did and its really cool!
—Guest Hailey

Hottest time of day

When i did a project on the hottest time of day i got 1st place i put 1 thermometer in the shade and one in the sun it was very cool.
—Guest cammile

crayon color

i want to know if the color of a crayon will effect how long a line will it will make like if you have different colors if the lengths of the lines will be different
—Guest st10721

Colored or Not?

Water one plant with colored water and one with non-colored water. See which works best. Also, it comes out really cool, if you use white rose seeds. The rose comes out colored!!!! Which works best? Answer is below. Regluar water works better.....
—Guest Micheala


Does gravity make us lighter in weight on the moon?
—Guest nina

I thnk it's pretty cool

I haven't done it myself but it sounds pretty cool. Detect Iron in Cereal - This science experiment shows that there is more in our cereal than just whole grains! • 1 Tall Narrow Glass • 1/2 cup water • 2 Cups of Cereal - Total Brand works best • Magnet • Blender 1. Put Cereal and Water into blender and blend until cereal is finely chopped. 2. Pour mixture into Tall Narrow Glass. 3. Run Magnet along side of glass and watch to see if any of the mixture is attracted to the moving magnet. Iron particles will move with the magnet as you run it along the glass. Turn it into a science fair project! Use the scientific method: Develop a hypothesis first and then test it by running this experiment. Here's a sample hypothesis: Popular cereal brands are fortified with small iron particles just as the labels say.
—Guest Jeidyn

Carbonated Soda

Does the temperature of soda affect the carbonation?
—Guest Sdy7

Does Temperature affect magnetsim?

Does changing the temperature of a magnet affect effect how strong the magnet is?
—Guest Laura

Geiger Counter Ghosts

I saw on that Ghost Hunter show that paranormal activity may be detectable using a Geiger counter. Are there areas in a building where the background radiation is higher than elsewhere? Does the background radiation seem different when paranormal activity appears to be occurring?
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