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Readers Respond: First Grade Science Fair Projects

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From the article: 1st Grade Science Projects
First grade may be your first introduction to science fair projects. It can be really hard to come up with a science fair project idea, especially if science fairs are new to you. Do you have an idea for a first grade science fair project? If so, share your idea here. If you need a first grade science fair project, read these ideas that have been submitted by people just like you. Share Your Project Idea

How we can make the earth betther

well i was thining and we can stop puting trash on the grond when we see the trash can but we must stop thank you.
—Guest Amie

smoke air goes down

take two glass pipe take one box. all u have to do is place these glass pipe far apart in the box. place the smoke on the mouth of any glass pipe. u will see smoke goes down.
—Guest den

Moldy Bread

Do you get different types of mold on bread in baggies in the light, dark, cold, heat, etc.?
—Guest Todd

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First Grade Science Fair Projects

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