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Readers Respond: High School Science Fair Project Ideas

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High school science fair projects are expected to invent, solve a problem, model or otherwise innovate. It can be really hard to come up with a good science fair project idea. Sometimes it helps to see what others have done or to read project ideas. Have you done a high school science fair project or do you have a good idea for a high school project? Here's your chance to share what you think with other readers. What's your project idea? Share Your Idea


last week i tried to produce electricity from magnet.
—Guest jeevan

electro after life

did a project about cremating bodies instead of buring them to produce electricity...and the gas produced reserved in an air reservor where it gets cleansed and produces oxygen
—Guest vannesa

Lava lamp

Made a homemade lava lamp. Won a million dollars :D
—Guest Jesus


In 6th grade, I did a project measuring viscosity. I got 5 of the same tall containers with lids, and I filled each one with a different liquid. I used water, italian dressing, honey, olive oil, and grease. I then put the same sized marble in each, and I timed how long it took for the marble to get from the top of the container, to the bottom, and did several trials. I ended up getting 2nd place. :( I feel like I should have got 1st, but another kid brought in 3 giant fishtanks, so how could he not win. lol. Good luck ya'll!
—Guest Hannah

Glowing Algae!

In 7th grade I tested the effects of light on the bioluminescence of pyrocystis noctiluca. It won me science fair! :)
—Guest Sam


You can see which gum type lasts longest and if they are all the same, sugarfree, or with sugar.
—Guest me

making an antiseptic from a red onion

obtain the juice by first crushing the onion then filter the juice using a sieve now thats an antiseptic suitable for making your wounds heal faster and bacteria free.Whats makes onion special is that it contains sodium ions for dehydrating purpose and then chrolide ions for the smooth healing of the wound
—Guest dann


Which soap dizzolves faster in room tempature water. (:
—Guest a person.

waste water treatment plant

when i was in 10 th grade i made a waste water treatment plant. and believe me, it was a GREAT idea!
—Guest elena


Do different brands of sportswear affect your performance?
—Guest FroHenry

Glow in the Dark

I was in fifth grade, and I did a glow in the dark project. I made a glow in the dark penny, wrote the title in glow in the dark letters, etc. I put on mini curtains, so that the person looking at it it could put the curtains over their head, and it would be dark. Oh, I also did tonic water (that glows in the dark, too) and that type of thing.
—Guest Bleh

Shooting accuracy

Im in 7th grade and i did the effect of different shooting positions on accuracy.
—Guest Hartman

electricity by bacteria !!!

last year i have done a project, that is producing electricity by using bacteria!!!!!!
—Guest megh


i made a catapult but im having trouble with the board, please help.
—Guest me


you can try making your own crystals trust me it works
—Guest gokuss3

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High School Science Fair Project Ideas

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