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Readers Respond: High School Science Fair Project Ideas

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High school science fair projects are expected to invent, solve a problem, model or otherwise innovate. It can be really hard to come up with a good science fair project idea. Sometimes it helps to see what others have done or to read project ideas. Have you done a high school science fair project or do you have a good idea for a high school project? Here's your chance to share what you think with other readers. What's your project idea?

Science Fair

The effect of different liquids on the sublimation rate of dry ice. Experiment is shaken, not stirred, mind you.
—Guest 007


last week i tried to produce electricity from magnet.
—Guest jeevan

Tooth Decay

These were some pretty great science projects. I think a neat one would be "which chemical makes teeth decay faster?" of course you have to work with real teeth but hey who doesn't want to keep their teeth nice and healthy?
—Guest Chick-A-Dee;)


i did a high school science fair project on many things one thing is how much water can the diffrent types of paper towlels hold. the other one i did was taking a bannana an apple an a cytris and 2 16 penny nails and charging my ipod with only using those items its fun.
—Guest Kamryn

raisins do brew home beer

last year my science fair project was about beer and wat its made of,my presention included from how its made,effects,advantages & disadvantages and etc... i brewed a 12 litre beer,and gave all judges & audianc to have a taste of my project and my hardwork!!!!!!! got 2nd place was so proud.......more hardwork,more results!


I have a cool idea, figure out how to load dice. Try filing down a die's edges or sides versus putting clear nail polish on one side.
—Guest Qwerty42


Does the number of washes effect the fire retartdent of baby pajamas?
—Guest Brielle

Boiling Water

I'm in the 8th grade and I won first place for my experiment. What substances/chemicals change the boiling point of water?
—Guest Alice

Which dish washing detergent cleans best

The All because it is more reacher and has more chemicals to clean the plates
—Guest Amanda

Electric Wooden Generator

i won 3rd place with this experiment: i made a homemade electric wooden generator. you can order a kit or make your own wooden model by hand
—Guest google

Microbiology and Electrophoresis

My project deals with growing a gene called pGLO on E. coli through bacterial transformation. We do this to see if the pGLO takes amino acids away from the other proteins. Then we use protein gel electrophoresis to see the results. I know it's a really advanced science fair project. But I'm in 10th grade. It's not that hard if you have you're teacher help you with it. The more challenging a science fair project, the better! Good luck!
—Guest Blueday


what type of ________ (insert variable there) achieves the best results for creating homeopathic medicine with an arnica plant?
—Guest go_CB!

A fishy Memory

Hi! this is my second time doing a science fair so this was my project:This project evaluates the abilities of goldfish to succeed at a task that requires the retention of learned behavior. It was really fun and really all you have to do it see the memory of a goldfish XD hoped this helped
—Guest J.minda102898

8th Grade Physical Science

Is bottled water more purified than regular freshwater?
—Guest Dana Wana


Does the color seen affect how hungry one gets at school?
—Guest izzy mizzy

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