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Readers Respond: Have You Eaten Apples Seeds or Cherry Pits?

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From the article: Are Apple Seeds Poisonous?
Eating apple seeds, peach seeds or cherry pits is controversial. Some people believe the seeds and pits are toxic because they contain a cyanide-producing chemical, while other people believe the seeds are therapeutic. Have you eaten apple seeds or cherry pits? Did you experience any effect from eating the seeds? Share your experience. Share Your Experience

Peach Seed

I just opened the inside of a peach pit, and there was an almond like nut. I decided to try it and it tasted pretty good. I heard its poisonous but i doubt it.
—Guest John Doe

cherry pit

I ate a cherry pit and I was scard at first I started reading things on here and if it has to do with just vomiting then I'm ok but just saying my stomach really hurts so don't or never will eat one again and taste good at the same time
—Guest idk

cherry pits

As a child grew up on the farm eating a lot of cherries instead dessert or meal with pits ... (about 1or even 2 lb) love Cherries ...never had any issues or got sick from it..as well w apples ..I grew up that way even now I'm eating w pits.. ...
—Guest Azra

Watermelon and Apple

I have eaten watermelon and apple seeds all my life! They're delicious and are actually healthy * I asked my doctor when I started reading about it being unhealthy* As a nail biter I was trying to quit and I just chewed on seeds instead on nails!
—Guest Alice

powerfood with selective toxicity

therapeutic toxins?- Pit contents may create an intolerant environment for life destroying malevolent attackers such as cancer and its pathogens, ( viruses bacterium, prions, fungi, or protozoa) naturally to protect the seed while it grows to its fruition. But, For a very sick person to eat the seed might hurt or kill him or her trying to kill disease but a healthy person, non radiated seeds may help protect health. I have always eaten pits long before I knew it was considered poison as we had little food growing up and waste- out of the question. I always trust myself enough to not eat something that will kill me. Actually, what isn't poison if you eat too much of it? Just don't overdo it , or do it if you are really sick, as anything that can bust a tree out of a hard wood tiny shell must be powerful. I have high respect and am intrigued to no end at the power of a seed / pit.
—Guest Denise

Just the inside of the pit!

When I was 5 I was hungry and I used a stone to Crack open the cherry pits I found on the ground after the birds ate them. I was hungry often. I ate lots of them so many I went into a coma and my kidneys were bleeding. It almost killed me.
—Guest Liz

Have eaten apple seeds and cherry pits

As a child I was told it was good for me to consume the whole apple, including the seeds. As a result, I did so often. Whenever I got my hands on a peach, nectarine, plum or apricot I would such and chew on the pit until it would finally split in two and I would relish the hard worked for floral and nutty tasting center. Delicious! Nobody ever warned me and I was never hurt because of it. The cherry pits I swallowed were accidental. Fast forward to adulthood and I was shooting the breeze with a toxicologist and he told me the saying of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" actually only applied if the person consumed the entire apple, along with the seeds. The small amount of cyanide in the seeds was supposed to create a hostile environment for pathogens thus keeping the doctor away. Of course, you were only supposed to do this once a day. Of course, as a child I did not limit myself to one a day when these fruits were in season.
—Guest Just passing through

Johnny Appleseed ate them!

...and I will eat them too. Just turned 69 yesterday, apple seeds got me here. They taste good and I have never had a problem. Have never eaten them without the rest of the apple but wouldn't be afraid to if I had cancer.
—Guest Apple Lyn

more than an apple

Most are confused but you need to eat more than a cupful of apple seeds in a day to get posioned, and you can slowly adapt to them and not get posioned as easily, and cherry pits are only posionious in the inside of the pits.
—Guest help

Cherry pits

I suddenly got a craving for cherry pits and apple seeds. I had breast and chemo cancer last year. Maybe there is something going on. I had no knowledge of them containing cyanide until I read info here. Chemo is the worst poison imaginable. I'll never do it again but listen to my body. Please send me more info anyone.
—Guest DideeB

Cherry Pits

I once swallowed one, only one, cherry pit. But I did eat almost an entire bag of cherries too the same day, without the pits. The next day I was sick and vomiting. Iiiiit was gross. However, once it was all out, I was fine and went back to eating cherries. c:
—Guest Nylon

Apricot pit

I ate an apricot seed just once & it gave me an instantaneous splitting headache. Never again will eat apricot seeds.
—Guest Angharad

Dosage is key

If you take small amounts of seeds over time you build up a tolerance. If you have never eaten seeds of cherry or apple before and suddenly eat a whole bag of them you could get quite Ill. So don't just think because people have done it for years it's ok to jump right in! Like anything that can be healthy overdosing suddenly is not good. The body learns to adjust and needs time and practice to do so.
—Guest Eli

Cherry stones

I am a teenager and I love cherries. I always eat all the stones unless of corse we are having a stone spitting contest. I an doing well and I eat like a while bag when we buy them. No side effects whatsoever.
—Guest Shay

The pits

I am 56 yrs old and have been eat the seeds of cherries, apples, pears , watermelon etc. I have never experienced any side affects from doing this.So who are you going to believe the people or the the doctors who are on the side of the pharmaceutical companies. I think I will take my chances and continue to do as I have always done.
—Guest Rita

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Have You Eaten Apples Seeds or Cherry Pits?

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