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Readers Respond: Have You Eaten Apples Seeds or Cherry Pits?

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Eating apple seeds, peach seeds or cherry pits is controversial. Some people believe the seeds and pits are toxic because they contain a cyanide-producing chemical, while other people believe the seeds are therapeutic. Have you eaten apple seeds or cherry pits? Did you experience any effect from eating the seeds? Share your experience. Share Your Experience

I ate apple seeds and apricot pits...

...to cure a tumor. It was on my throat and responded very quickly to the apple seed and apricot pit diet. I was faced with radiation or surgery and cancelled all invasive procedures, nature knows best. Eat the flesh of the apple and/or apricot with the seeds otherwise it may make you feel a little dizzy. A man who ate a whole cup of apple seeds, without eating the equivalent apple flesh, blacked out for 72 hours but awoke free of cancer. Many people think this is a cure for cancer. Decide for yourself. It is not heavily marketed because no money can be made because a patent cannot be granted.
—Guest JSto

eating seeds

i just ate 6 apple seeds....aaaah,i'm fine. i've eaten them regularly. pears too... still i'm ok. #7 comment is accurate.seems too many out there don't want us to know about vitamin b17! i also ate them as a kid.there are sweet bitter tasting.i chew
—Guest joey


I read G. Edward Griffin, the book World Without Cancer, about 2 years ago . I have available and gather 12 to fifteen hundred a year and have been eating them . I did not have caner but I have a dog that did almost as big as a golf ball, it was running getting all over everything. I STARTED LAST SEPTEMBER giving her two pits every morning and two at night sometimes I gave her three or four. Now the cancer is gone, SKIN AND HAIR HAS COVERED THE PLACE WHERE THE CANCER WAS. Wish I had made pictures!! The cyanide is bitter but is in a form that is only poisonous to cancer cells
—Guest John H P

apple and pear seeds

I eat whole apple and a pear once a day, skin, pits, all frequently biting the pits. Average apple contains 6-10 pits.Over 60 and doing well.
—Guest martin

Apple Pips

Tried them,but didn't taste good. I heard that you needed to eat about a whole cupful of them at a time for it to actually be life-threatening.
—Guest Guest Amy

Apple seeds.

I've been eating apple seeds out of sheer boredom, personal challenge (stripping the outer coatings in my mouth,) and b/c they taste good and they have cyanide in them, but less, much differnt (vitam b17 wow) cynade doge.
—Guest Joshua

apple seeds

its great jst keep eating apple seed nd watermelon seed too dey are good for your healt nd body system....i eat dem for as long as i can remember. my mum is 79 nd is still eating them....
—Guest joyouonous

just eat them it is ok

The seeds contain vitamin B-17, and it kills cancer. The cyanide compounds are toxic for cancer cells, not healthy ones. A doctor will lose his/her funding from pharmaceutical companies if they even hint at approaching cancer treatment through dietary means instead of medicines that such companies profit from. Eat the friggin seeds you will live longer.
—Guest Joshua

Wonder Pits

I have had lung cancer for two years and eat heaps of of apricot kernels the tumor is stable ,forget all rubbish about cyanide get some real facts ,read World Without Cancer by Edward Griffin & Dr Ernst Krebs
—Guest Malcolm Hickman

apple seeds

My grandmother told me when I was about 8 years old to eat the whole apple, seeds and all. I'm 44, still eating the whole apple seeds and all. I survived. Don't have cancer. Who knows? If the government is telling you somethings bad for you, the opposite is probably true!
—Guest Kathleen

Eat your seeds...they do heal you!

I eat peach seeds in the summer and appleseeds in the winter. One or two apples plus seeds a day and I no longer have candida, irritablility, or non focus. My skin is the softest its been in years. fyi I started to notice a difference 3 days after I started eating them and have been rash free for 8 months. I love it!
—Guest Anna

Apple seeds

The other day I heard that you can eat the entire apple so I thought I would try it out. I ate a whole apple (seeds and all) and had some minor pains in my stomache. They went away shortly after and I'm fine now.
—Guest Bobby fisher

Apple seeds, peach seeds, even prune

Im 78 and have been eating fruit seeds all my life. I eat the whole apple except for the stem, love the taste of the chewed-up seeds!

eating apple and apricot seeds

I have eaten apple seeds and apricot seeds for as long as I can remember . They have many benefits just like the seeds in grapes! God would never deceive you in his food medicine cabinet. Your food is your medicine and medicine is your food. Vitamin B17 is very important for the immune system and fights off cancer cells with out damaging other cells! The big government won't tell you because cancer is very profitable. Just saying!!,,,. Eat right, eat what God intended for you to eat. Not junk food. :)
—Guest Cynthia

Cherry seeds

Had no idea cherry seeds were harmful. I have been cracking them open in my mouth and chewing them. Am I going to die..?
—Guest Sarah

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