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Readers Respond: Rings Turning Finger Green

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Has a ring ever turned your finger green, black, red or some other color? Share your experience. What color did your finger turn? What type of ring were you wearing? Are there some types of rings that work better for you than others? Share Your Experience


I have a very expensive very real wedding ring I wore for many years with no problems. However I became very I'll for several months and during this time before I was diagmosed , I noticed my rings had turned my fingers very blackish green.This continued all the while until I was diagnosed and treated in the hospital where I was treated in patient ICU for two weeks with a MRSA infection that was in my blood stream and rapidly infecting every organ in my body. After I've antibiotics for weeks my fingers were normal again, two months later I redeveloped the same blood infection and knew before my symptoms started because my fingers were green/ black a week before I started feeling it!!! Its been an accurate indicator for me every time.
—Guest hollydawn

its very simple

Your finger react with gold with a condition that ring and skin where exposed to light. gold at normal conditions such as room temperature is not a very reactive species but if gold surface is exposed to light and the surface morphology is suitable for interaction with light, oxygen which is in the air would dissociate on the surface of gold. And anyway gold is not the only metal which can interact with light. silver or platinum would also do. the thing that your rings are covered with a thin layer of gold (its an alloy of gold which might also trigger reactivity) small nanoscale bits can fall off from your ring and deposite on your skin. if these nanoparticles are subjected to light photocalytic reaction will occur. I am working with gold nanoparticles. If your skin has a contact with a solution of gold nanoparticles in a couple of days time skin turns black. But it must be subjected to light. So you cannot avoid these reactions people. stop wearing noble metals people it should help.
—Guest google it

ehhhhhhhh really?

The answer isn’t entirely true. Not sure if he/she knows what he/she was talking about. "Platinum jewelry and rhodium plated jewelry, which includes nearly all white gold."? there is no such thing as 100% white gold. White gold is certain % of yellow gold blend with other white metal, then plated with rhodium to give that silvery finish. sterling silver or karat gold don't turn your finger green. It's some cheap costume jewellery with some gold or silver coloured plating that react with your skin. If you insist your jewellery is gold or silver, go check to see if it has a stamp on it says "925" or "10k", "14k", or in some cases "416", "583". If your jewellery has none of those stamps on, you can be sure that it is neither gold nor silver. So don't assume you are allergic to gold or silver without looking for the stamp on your jewellery. "925" or "925 Italy" means 92.5% silver. "10k" or "416" mean 41.6% gold, in white or yellow gold jewellery. 24k gold is 100% gold, therefore 10/24=41.6
—Guest 6feeter

Do not use clear nail polish

Nail polish DOES NOT WORK no matter how many times you put it on.

Green Engagement Ring

My boyfriend recently bought me a gold ring to wear as a promise of engagement. I normally don't wear too much yellow gold, more often I'll wear white gold and silver. Its a pretty ring though and I love the thought he put behind it, so I was gladly wearing it all day, even slept with it on since it fit perfectly. I woke up this morning to see that the inside of my finger had turned green. And then I remembered where I don't wear certain types of rings. This had happened to me a few times before, whether the ring its cheap or expensive. So, my skin must react to something in one of the metals and either I'll have to deal or figure out a way to prevent it. I'm going to try the finger nail polish first and see if that helps.
—Guest Tiffany

Promise ring

Got a silver promise ring from my boyfriend. He paid a pretty penny for it, and now my fingers turning green? Was he ripped off or am I sensitive? Gold is the only metal I've been lucky with
—Guest Anon

Wedding band

I'm going to try the nail polish. Sounds like a great idea. :)
—Guest Tami

odd engagement. .

my boyfriend gave me a ring last night that has 3 gems already fallen off an is too big for my finger. ive been wearing it an its turning me green, how do i wear it when its turning me green without hurting him??
—Guest AlyssaJ.

enagement ring nightmare

My engagement ring turned my finger green! Thankfully he is getting me a new one :) It's going to be gold this time thought :)
—Guest Katie

Talk sbout a mood green but a finger??

After wearing a moid ring(not sure where i got it) for a day it turned my finger green idk why!!?????
—Guest Abby

Green finger!!!

So I got a mood rig from claires and after 2 and a half hours I got a green finger and after 2 days of wearing it it don't get green so yh.
—Guest AShling

Mood Ring

It's probably nickel, but I'm not sure. It is a cheap mood ring. The surprising thing is that I only wore it for a few hours.
—Guest AP

Ring Turned My Finger Black

I was on Marco Island, sitting in the water at the beach all day, while digging for shells with my hands. The spot was at the edge of the water, so when I would dig down, my hands were under water. Well, I was wearing my wedding band and wedding diamond that day. They are both 14 carat yellow gold. I have had these rings for 9 yrs. at the time and NEVER had any type of discoloration at all. When I came in to take a shower is when I noticed that my finger turned a blackish - grey color. Pretty weird since I've worn the rings many times in that same water and never had a discoloration. Maybe it was a reaction from the shells since I basically had small shells in my hands for hours, just scooping away as I sat at the water's edge in my beach chair, talking up a storm with my mother in law.
—Guest DreaQ

Copper Turns Me Green

As far as I know, the only metal that turns my finger green is copper. It's not toxic. Actually, I think it's supposed to be therapeutic for some conditions. However, it is not attractive. It has to wear off rather than wash off.
—Guest Azareal

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Rings Turning Finger Green

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