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Readers Respond: Favorite Invisible Ink Recipes

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Have you ever written or read messages using invisible ink? There are many chemicals that work as invisible ink, but some are more secretive or easier to use than others. Do you have a favorite invisible ink? Share your recipe or read about invisible inks favored by other readers.

My Recipe For Invisible Ink

Write a message with milk. Then look at it with an Invisible Ink light.
—Guest Invisible Ink

invisible ink

First you get a jar with a screw on lid then get some lemons about 1 or 2 and a knife. Then you take the knife and you cut the lemons in half as evenly as you can. Then you take the jar and you squeeze the lemons into the jar. Use the lemon juice as your ink. Hold the paper up to something warm ,then you can see what you wrote.
—Guest A Spy

My Favorite Invisible Ink

I like to use vinegar as an invisible ink. When you paint over the message with red cabbage juice the message is revealed in a different color. It's my favorite because you don't have to heat the paper to get a result so it's great for kids to try.
—Guest Inky

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