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Readers Respond: Favorite Invisible Ink Recipes

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From the article: Invisible Inks
Have you ever written or read messages using invisible ink? There are many chemicals that work as invisible ink, but some are more secretive or easier to use than others. Do you have a favorite invisible ink? Share your recipe or read about invisible inks favored by other readers. Your Invisible Ink Recipe

My Recipe For Invisible Ink

Write a message with milk. Then look at it with an Invisible Ink light.
—Guest Invisible Ink

easy recipe

*Note: This doesn't always work Step on a potato and smush it around. Scoop up the potato and rub it around the paper. Pour two cups of baking soda on it. Cook it for 5 seconds in the microwave. Use vinegar to write your message. To see your message, squirt hot water on it.
—Guest Darth Vader

Fool- proof Strategy

Buy an invisible ink pen. It will not fail you. It is very easy to use, with no heat required. Buy it at your local school book fair for $2.99. Enjoy! ; )
—Guest Awesome

Is there one

I want to know if there is a recipe that u hold a black or purple light up to because I want to pass notes in class
—Guest Question

Invisible Ink

When I use invisible ink, this is what I do: >Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a bowl.... >Add a few drops of water... >Dip a cotton swab or a toothpick and write. >Allow it to dry. >Hold it near a light bulb until it appears! My kids love this; we play treasure hunts and use this to give clues!
—Guest Horoscopes Don't Matter

Invisible Ink Recipe

Make a solution of 15 grams of sodium thiocyanate in 100 grams of distilled or deionized water and write your message with this solution on dry white paper and allow it to dry. Next take a solution of ferric ammonium sulfate (15 grams in 250 mL of deionized or distilled water) and spray or brush it on the paper. The message will appear as blood-red characters on the paper. Both chemicals (as well as the pure water) can be purchased online
—Guest John Kuhns

my invisible ink try

Take a colour bath soap, plain paper. Write and show the paper in running water u can see the message.
—Guest rama

invisible ink

hi my name is pi i come from india and i am 10 years old ok first write your message in warm water than dont let it dry
—Guest pb26455063


this is my INVISIBLE INK: you will need baking soda, warm water, paper, paint brush/ tooth pick, pen. 1. first write your message in water but don't let it dry. 2. next sprinkle some baking soda and wait until its dry. 3. now draw on top with a pen and your writing will appear. 4. finally wait until your message has gone and hold it up to the light. P.S its my favourite because its quick, easy and it doesn't involve heat (great for kids)
—Guest swirly

invsable inck

I like to use vinegar as an invisible ink. When you paint over the message with red cabbage juice the message is revealed in a different color. It's my favorite because you don't have to heat the paper to get a result so it's great for kids to try.
—Guest spy

Lemon Recipe

First, you squeeze the juice out of 1/2 of a lemon.Next,you get a cotton swab and dunk the swab in the lemon juice and write your message on a blank piece of paper.Then,heat it up with a light bulb.Finally,you have your message.
—Guest Not going to tell because of info

Invisible ink w/black-purple light

I like to use UV black light reactive blue invisible ink.Just dip a calligraphy pen in the ink and write your message.Finally you can reveal your message with a black/dark purple light.
—Guest Joshua

Invisible ink

I found that tomato is more acidic than lemon so it will work great for ink that you heat up. have fun!!!
—Guest Calligraphy

invisibl ink

haw to make invisibl ink. you take a wite craon or wax and rite your meseg and give it to somewone and add a marcer. and tell that somewone "it is invisibl ink" then run of and spiy on them. and try to thiger out if they get it. ( you haft to rub the marker on the page) and injoy!
—Guest toph


I have a very keen interest in chemistry.I made first invisible ink when i was in class VII.At first I took an onion,and I was took the juicy extact,and write my name on a paper by the juicy extract.I got surprised when I put d paper over a hiter,my name become visible,and the colour was brown.It was my invisible ink recipe.

invisible ink

First you get a jar with a screw on lid then get some lemons about 1 or 2 and a knife. Then you take the knife and you cut the lemons in half as evenly as you can. Then you take the jar and you squeeze the lemons into the jar. Use the lemon juice as your ink. Hold the paper up to something warm ,then you can see what you wrote.
—Guest A Spy

My Favorite Invisible Ink

I like to use vinegar as an invisible ink. When you paint over the message with red cabbage juice the message is revealed in a different color. It's my favorite because you don't have to heat the paper to get a result so it's great for kids to try.
—Guest Inky

Your Invisible Ink Recipe

Favorite Invisible Ink Recipes

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