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Readers Respond: How Do You Celebrate Pi Day?

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From the article: What Is Pi Day?
Pi Day is March 14 or 03/14, which corresponds to the number pi. Pi is an important mathematical constant, so it is honored in order to raise interest and awareness of math and science. How do you celebrate Pi Day? Here's your chance to share your plans or get ideas from other readers.

Pi (3.14)

1. Simple, do more Pi (3.14) equations. 2. EAt Pizza all day and do math 3. Find the most digits of pi
—Guest 1254love


At my highschool we always get pizza on pieday and see who has memorized the most digits of pi
—Guest Alizah

My School's celebration

My high celebrated Pi day this year by all the math teacher's giving out Moon Pies and wearing I
—Guest SnowyAshCat

Read More Mom

My kids' high school celebrates Pi Day the Friday before spring break every year. The math students run it in the math wing with cupcakes, pies, a pi-day hat contest, T-shirt contest, etc. It is a much anticipated school event. There is a prize for the student who has memorized the most digits of pi.
—Guest ReadMoreMommy

My 'thing' is simple...

I celebrate pi by being irrational all day! :) I also like pizza
—Guest Pi Lover

Crazy Mathematicians

You can watch the movie Pi (the title is the symbol). It's kind of dark, about a mathematician who goes insane, so this is not one for the kiddies. It's a cool movie though.

Pi Day Celebrations

You can always do a Pi Day run of 3.14 miles or 3.14 kilometers. Wear a t-shirt with a pi on it. Decorate cupcakes with the Greek letter. Make a pie and calculate its circumference and area.

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