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Readers Respond: Mole Day Activities

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From the article: Mole Day
Mole Day is a holiday invented as a way to foster interest in chemistry. Do you have any ideas of great ways to celebrate Mole Day? Share them here! Share Your Mole Day Ideas

Face Painting

Have a face painting booth where the only thing that people can choose from is a mole.
—Guest Lee


A mole is an amount of a pure substance that contains 12g of carbon twelve.of avogadros number.
—Guest naomi masumba

mole day

Dress in lab coat with the mole number stapled all over your coat. You could also put a pretend mole on your face.
—Guest Richenda

Mole Day

You can tie dye colorful T shirts and wear them on Mole Day and maybe make le-mol-ade or cara-mol cookies.
—Guest Marwa

high school teacher

we can have food festival in our celeberate mole day .in which students can bring their foods in shape of mole;periodic table;elemens symbols and .....
—Guest sharareh masoumi


make a moleday cake, cookies and host a mole game, fastest time to dig a hole measuring .5 of a metre wins
—Guest molepoley

Themed Moles

Student make moles (due on Mole Day) Patterns are available on-line and they are easy to make. But they must make themed moles so for example, one student make their mole out of camo and called it caMOLEflage. One student made theirs look like a phone and called it a MOLEble phone. It's lots of fun!
—Guest Jessica

Mole Day Ideas

My students wear a sign all day advertising avogadro's number and the meaning of a mole in chemistry. They also must explain the concept to 10 different people and create a mole-day activity to share with the class. They also have the option to dress-up as a theme mole for the day. This year's mole-day theme is found on the official mole day website http://www.moleday.org/
—Guest estomps

moles of humans, fish and cheese burgers

Ask students to draw a human, a fish and a hamburger. Give students the approximate % of elements and/or compounds found in each. Ask students to label their picture with the percentages and the calculated moles. They can color or paint their project. You can contact me for the approximate % I used if you are interested.
—Guest maryjacque wynn

Cool Chemistry Projects

Since the point of Mole Day is to raise interest in chemistry, you can do chemistry demonstrations. Sulfuric acid and sugar is a good demonstration. So is elephant toothpaste. pH color change chemistry demonstrations are popular, too.

Mole Day Poster

Make a Mole Day poster that shows some of the ways chemistry is important to everyone.

Share Your Mole Day Ideas

Mole Day Activities

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