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Readers Respond: Tips To Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

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No one wants to wait around for nail polish to dry. There are lots of rumors of ways to get polish to dry more quickly, but which actually work? Share your best quick-drying nail polish tip or read ideas submitted by other readers. Share Your Tips

Try it

Buy a cheap cooking spray and spray this over your nails this works a legend of me when I'm I'm a rush
—Guest Mrs glamz

Baby powder power!

If you just had a pedicure and you have to wear socks and shoes like during winter or maybe if youre going to the gym, you can wait for your nails to dry for like a couple hours and then put some baby powder on your feet before putting your socks on. It will prevent marks on your nails and will keep them smooth.
—Guest Melani

Water + Freezer

Just dunk your painted nails in cold water and stick them in the freezer until your hand is dry. Worked for me!
—Guest Gabzie

Dry nails fast!!!

Just sit on the couch and watch some Netflix, or maybe a movie!
—Guest -nailpolishpro

cold water

the ice water does work really well i have just tried it, it doesnt have to be icey as in put ice in it just if you do it does work quicker otherwise just turn the tap to cold leave it running for a few seconds so it odes get cold then put the plug in and dip your hands in for about 5-8 minuets them dont towel dry your hands let them dry naturally but you can put your hands on a towel socit soaks up the extra left over water :) hope this helped
—Guest Hannah

Ice Water

Won't be doing that again. Just couldn't tolerate the cold!
—Guest Jill

Patience is a virtue

The very BEST way to dry your nails quickly without ridges, lumps, bubbles, or smudges is to sit patiently and let them dry. By the time you've dipped in cold water, stood in the freezer, sprayed your cooking oil and can of air, you could've just sat patiently, thanked God for His blessings, and look...dry nails. Yay!
—Guest Chez


Just wave your hands around after applying a few thin coats, works the magic but try not to hit anything!!
—Guest Frances

The salon rule

I went through a 2 year phase of constantly getting my nails done in a salon. Not once did they recommend or use ice/cold water to help my nails dry, which works very well. They ALWAYS use heat lamps. I can't believe they haven't figured out the "cold water" trick. SMDH
—Guest Mollie

Fast drying nail

I put nail polish remover in to the nail polish and give it a mix and paint it on. It paints on very smoothly and drys my nails very quick and hard
—Guest Kylie

Come on, It is no lie!

-Place hands in icy cold water -Place hands in a freezer for a bit -Spray Cooking Spray on -Use quick dry nail polish next time -Be patient -Don't use heat power (hairdryers) -Don't type up or write (I have wet nail varnish on and i'm smudging)
—Guest Rebecca J


use cooking spray as one of the other ladies said. it will work and leave yourhands not to dry :) lol try it! they will dry asap no lie
—Guest _ ms. know it all

This works for real

Get cold water and dip your fingers inside for about 5 minutes and let them dry (air dry) for 5 mins again
—Guest Cass

Steam Works Too

While you have a pot of water on the simply just put your hands over it. Not only will they dry but they will become matte nails as well. So it's like two things on one
—Guest Coco Puff

A little bit of everything...

Step 1, always apply thin coats. Step 2, blow on nails and run nails through ice cold water. Step 3, apply additional coats if needed and repeat steps. Step 4, wait for 20 - 30 minutes before doing ANYTHING. Step 5, can't be patient? Buy yourself fast drying nail polish and/or buy Seche Vite.
—Guest Nail Lady

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Tips To Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

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