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Readers Respond: Things That Glow Under Black Light

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Have you ever noticed a lot of common materials glow in the dark under a black light or ultraviolet light. What things have you seen glow in the dark? Offer your idea or read about glowing materials observed by other readers. Share Your Idea


Most NERF guns and bullets glow under a backlight.
—Guest guest

Tonic Water

Tonic water contains quinine which makes it glow turquoise/ teal under black lights
—Guest Ideas

Body parts

Some parts of your body that may glow under black light are some scars, sometimes freckles and even a few areas of your skin that can't see sun that often. Also, the white in your eyes glows green.
—Guest monica


semen and other body fluids glow under black light which is kinda interesting!
—Guest dd

glowing anything

brand new white wash cloths have a dye that when dipped in hot water you can rub on things and it glows a ghostly pale white/blue under black lights but is completely invisible in standard lights.
—Guest Airth


if you get a fish at the store, and u put a ultraviolet light on it, it glows!!!!!! a nice science fair project!
—Guest isis


Get a banana with brown spots and around them it's a white circle.
—Guest Corey

highlighter and water

put some neon highlighter juice inside of water and shake and it will glow under blacklight
—Guest ciy

ill add more soon

the glowstic stuff even if it doesent work anymore. Ps i just found out my little brother ate some and his mouth glowed so much affterwards. anything white glows.
—Guest Bogdan S


i have noticed glow in the dark objects tend to be "super charged" under uv light.
—Guest nillbyethescienceguy


Blood glows under a black light. I just learned that at school recently
—Guest Layette L.


Cup noodles glow under a blacklight. Kind of unappetizing
—Guest Ross Ulbricht

white dress shirts

Years ago you could buy white dress shirts that were nearly indestructable. They were made out of some artificial fabric that glowed under UV light.
—Guest Len in PA


Clorophyll glows red under a blacklight. Since spinach is full of clorophyll, it turns blood red when you shine a blacklight on it.
—Guest Carter

glowing nail polish

if you use white nail polish and make little dots(best with the manicure pen), because they are cute, it glows in the black light like white socks would and stays on till you rub it after sweating
—Guest polish

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Things That Glow Under Black Light

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