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Readers Respond: Why Is Chemistry Important?

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Why is chemistry important? If you take chemistry or teach chemistry, you'll be asked to answer this question. It's easy to say chemistry is important because everything is made from chemicals, but there are a lot of other reasons why chemistry is a big part of daily life and why everyone should understand basic chemistry. Why do you think chemistry is important? Share Your Answer

chemistry=daily life

Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with study of everything in our daily life. chemistry is a non stop one becouse it is spreaded in our daily life.
—Guest a7h

defination of chemistry

chemistry is the part of the science which deals with the study of composition,structure and properties (physical an d chemical) of matter .
—Guest pooja

chem- is life

chemistry deals with the composition of things.The food we eat, the rocks and the minerals, the mattressess we sleep on etc.
—Guest saha aboo


Chemistree is Important for survival of human life Or any form of life any where in the universe. The life start and ends with chemistry for good example : Even the NASA scientists depending on chemistry analysis to find out the MARS planet study. The fossil of any organism was calculated with chemistry Everything in human life is calculated in chemistry for survival like food, water, health and medical domestic use, outdoor life. Everywhere you carry or calculate life with the elements existing in periodic table including your body organs to your diseases and their cure. Human life existed even without knowledge of chemistry, but it was not civilized life. In my opinion like other sciences chemistry supports the good life; we make electronic devices with silicon (Complete Silicon Valley is based on silicon chips, there is no silicon no valley) and aluminum all kinds of metals we use that exist in periodic table, Without the knowledge of chemistry metals we cannot make single devise fo
—Guest Masuna

chemistry takes a big role in our life

chemistry it has a big role in our life.We cannot live with out chemistry everything that we can touch, smell, feel is made up of chemistry. even human we are made up of chemistry because we are composed of atoms. all things is made up off chemistry we cannot say that we need to avoid chemistry in our life.
—Guest -junexxxx

importance of chemistry

first of all what is chemistry? It is a branch of science which deals with chemical composition, structure and properties.. actually we all surrounded by chemistry.. we don't even spend a single day without chemistry we start with toothpaste, brush, food, soap etc. which is the example that we need chemistry in our daily life.. even the medicines we take is too composed of chemicals...
—Guest simran

chemistry is everything..

chemistry is everything... because everything we smell, taste, see and etc. is a product of chemistry... if we lock of the knowledge about chemistry .. we won't progressive at all...
—Guest queen

why is chemistry important in our life

chemistry s important in our life because without chemistry our life is limited or uncompleted
—Guest ashraf asim

defination of chemistry

The name of chemistry in hindi ;rasayan;so chemistry is a subject that give us ;the ras; of subject . When we are wake up ,we look at anything that things are made by chemical and when we go to sleep ,bedsheet also made by use of chemistry.around us every where chemistry.so chemistry is an importent subject,it carry us to the succes.i like chemistry too much.
—Guest aditya dwivedi

chemistry is so important!

because chemistry is also can try ! w/o chemistry is nothing to live the earth !! really really chemistry is also need in to our hole body..!!
—Guest johara


kaycasval: Chemistry is so important because it has to do with everything in our daily lives. Chemistry just makes us understand how everything works a little better. For example why a certain pain reliever works more then the other, or why you need oil to fry chicken. All this believe it or not is possible because the study of chemistry.
—Guest joselitop

Chemistry importance

Electricity,& the invention of light bulb is one of the greatest inventions of twentieth century but chemistry is more imp and has more influence on our daily lives.From how the circuit boards are made to the paint on the finished products all electrical devices and applications have to thank chemistry for their use.Chemistry is truly a fundamental force.
—Guest Ayushri Bhosle

chemistry in our life

chemistry is the most important thing in our lives. Everything that we use from the toothbrush in the morning to the food we eat to the road we travel by and the books we read are all there due to chemistry and that is why it is very important in our day to day life.
—Guest priya

science student

Chemistry is important to study because in our day to day activities, chemistry provide us on how we can manage things. The food we eat, chemistry explain how we may time table it in such a way that it will suit our bodies. The medicines we use, if not with the knowledge of chemistry there will be no medicines as well. Chemistry also has provide knowledge on how to produce many things for our commercial purposes.
—Guest Wuese Daniel

Why is chemistry important?

Because every things is made of chemistry which are need of our daily life. We can not live without chemistry.
—Guest LITON

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Why Is Chemistry Important?

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