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Readers Respond: Why Is Chemistry Important?

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Why is chemistry important

Because it help to explore thing that we hadn't knew before.
—Guest Sa idu musa gyambar


chemistry helps us to manufacture life supporting and life saving ideas and resources
—Guest charlotte eycee

Every one must know Chemistry!

As chemistry is stuying every things found in the univer, it's impossible to know every things with their properties without Chemical knowledges.Chemistry possesses both creatative power and destructible property essential to build modern science sociaty.There is nothing any other work for human except creation and destruction the whole life.For example,Nowaday the world is in the crises of Globle Warming. As a result,there are so many disasters through the world.This is the greatest problem that every one interests most.Scientists have got solutions based on Chemical sense for the two related questions,"Why" and "How".It's been as clear as crystal that every body need to know about the skills of chemistry to save the world as a recreation.Scientist try to get the methods and people follow the methods in their respective regions.Why we won't be able to save the world. Where there is a question,there will be an answer. Let's try to save the world by studying and following Chemistry!


::: The word 'change' means, it happens chemical reaction in nature. eg: * growth Of human body due to chemical reaction. * pregnancy due to chemical reaction. * water cycle due to chemical reaction. * photosynthesis due to chemical reaction. * metal expansion Or contraction due to chemical reaction. * pen writing on paper due to chemical reaction. * people falling in £øvë:) due to chemical reaction. Enough Or need more examples.. ah ?
—Guest Is'haq

certainly it’s very important

chemistry is one of the basic sciences that we can not do without . it has many different uses in our daily life . it helps us to recognize the properties of the matter and how the electrons affect on the atom . we also learn more things by studying chemistry ....
—Guest mahmoud abdul rheem

Importance of chemistry

Chemistry is very important because it hels us to know the copositiom,structure,& changes of matter.
—Guest Waqar anwar

Chemistry chemistry chemistry.......

We r all surrounded by chemistry bt to take the advantage of chemistry we should love the chemisty... chemistry is important because to understand the life more detailly.
—Guest Bhupen pradhan

every they use of chemistry

use of chemistry is very important. everrrrrrything is involved in chemistry
—Guest alzbetka


Chemistry is important because it give idea to create our morden world
—Guest Alia khurana


Science mostly gives us a part of that is chemistry because chemistry is now our life makes wonderful
—Guest Alia khurana

The Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry is important because it helps us to know the composition, structure, properties of matter and the changes they undergo.
—Guest Teddy P. Taylor


—Guest ddS

Importance of chemistry

For militatary science:- The duty of the militatarry is to defend the nation or state and the militatary cannot do this without AMMO. The gunpowder used in the early guns were made by mixing chemicals such as (sulphur, charcoal and potassium trioxonitrate[V]).
—Guest CoverGirlLexhy


behind every drug there is utilization of mixed chemicals so present man can not lead life without drug that is miracle of chemistry....
—Guest naru@raja clg

Why is chemistry Important to us?

Because it help to explore things that we hadn't knew before.
—Guest kinaadman, Boby p.

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Why Is Chemistry Important?

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