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Readers Respond: Why Is Chemistry Important?

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chemistry means alot of dollers

if you want alot of dolllers you must be learn chemistry
—Guest emad


in Africa we believe chemistry explains witchcraft or which other subject is responsible for manufacture of the concoctions used in the art.

importance of chemistry

with the knowledge of chemistry, there's production of many perfect items or stuffs we need every day that are not natural like clothes, beauty milk etc
—Guest RUGAMBA Etienne


chemistry is important as it is interrelated with many sciences such as physics biology etc
—Guest ANAS

everywhere is chemistry

yes life is made up of chemistry.For me chemistry is very interesting because i feel by learning it we can understand the other sciences too.My specialization is in analytical chem.This tells us about neutrational values,specimen analysis,toxicity,sampling and so many valuable things.So chem is around us and inside us.Moreover with today's instrumentation and with the help of large variety of chemical measurements available, we can get the results of clinical,environmental,occupational health,safety applications and industrial analysis.
—Guest irfana aamir

imp.of chem.

it is very important. chemistry apply in every field of over life. education of chemistry is not only the source of getting a good job, but also a fun or a practical which make over life interesting.
—Guest sony

Chemistry help to do our work.

Do have knowledge of Chemistry, it help in your work.
—Guest Oliver

it's in everything

ELECTRONS RULE!! Chemistry pervades all processes from air particulate to cellular specialized functions to the engineering materials for space exploration. We are Chemistry!
—Guest MJ

We are chemical beings

Many biology and anatomy and physiology courses begin with chemistry. More than just nutrients, medicines and poisons, everything we do is chemical. Geology too - why do we wear diamonds and not calcium carbonate on our fingers?
—Guest foxkin

Paint Pigments

If it weren't for chemists, we wouldn't have all the modern pigments for paints we have today! Including my long-time favorite Prussian blue (though the color maker was trying to make a red).
—Guest Marion BE

importance of chemistry

chemistry having great importance in our daily life. even in our body also more chemical reactions are going on. with the help of chemistry we are able to cure most of deadly or dangerous desiease. by the study of chemistry we can learn the biochemical changes going on in our body.
—Guest sneha jadhao

chemistry importance

well now you have asked something. my first days of chemistry started at the age of about 9 yrs not long after WWII, since then I have recieved from the study a vast interest in everything and still I am learning at 70 year old but in my mind I know it is chemistry that has made me what I am and what I believe in, to myself it is the most powerfull mind mover of all..making ones mind to explore and discover and understand what its all about, I am still looking..experimenting and wondering. Yes to myself chemistry is the all powerfull mover and doer of the whole mystery of life and the meanings. But sadly I can no longer explore the underground I so loved to in search for the Phylosophers stone.
—Guest david bradbury

Prevents Poisoning or Worse

water or sulfuric acid? propylene glycol or ethylene glycol? It's good to be able to tell them apart. Chemistry is important because it helps you identify toxic or dangerous substances. Of course, labeling your chemicals helps a lot too...

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Why Is Chemistry Important?

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