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Readers Respond: Why Is Chemistry Important?

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chemistry is very important because everthing that wedo,eat and uses invole chemistry

funny chemistry

Every matter has small particles. These small particles can also be broken in more and more small partcles...then we get smallest particle - atom. These atoms can also be broken in the fundamental small particles - electrons, protons and neutrons. These particles are the same in all atoms of different materials. What a fun .Same particles are making different materials...
—Guest indu mittal

it is important...

Yes, chemistry is very important because chemistry includes in our daily life.
—Guest ainon joy gillegan

dumb people problems

Because dihydrogen monoxide kills. People die all the time due to this dangerous substance.
—Guest youknow


Yes.You may have seen thermal ritaadion when the people are green at night on Survivor.You could call a camera a "visible light ritaadion" detector that uses different colors to show different wavelengths of ritaadion ; )
—Guest WvkBeLZPNskQH

Chemistry-The Nature

chemistry can explain almost all reactions that taking place in nature.
—Guest Drishya PS

No Chemistry no Development.

Chemistry is the bedrock for scientific and Technological Development. Development is advancement, qualitative changes taking place simultaneously with quantitative changes of growth. This changes can only occur as a result of mental reactions which lead to increase in knowledge, because reaction is all about bond breaking and bond formation which is chemistry.
—Guest Matthew Chinyeze

Breaking Bad...

Whoa. After reading these, I have made the observation that people who appreciate chemistry must not like English. :P Chemistry is important not only because everything in our universe is composed of elements or chemical compounds, but because with the study of chemistry we can begin to understand the relationship between these elements and compounds, and learn ways to manipulate them to our benefit. Chemistry gives us steel(to stab each other with), strong construction materials, explosives and medicine, it gives us "powers" (if you will) that seem like magic but have perfectly rational and logical explanations, which are testable and repeatable. Chemistry is awe-inspiring and wonderful, but what's more, chemistry is important because it is useful.
—Guest NimbusCloud

Importance of chemistry

chemistry is the foundtion of nature, the gigantical need of every man, because the food, water, clothes, etc. the most marvelous thing is that You and I were made through the process of chemistry by God using clay to create us. Obviously, you are matter because you have mass and weight infact you occupies space every wheqe you goes within any moment.


Chemistry helps us to know that energy can be converted from one form to the other through the laws of thermodynamics.
—Guest uchesunday. 08131056360


the knowledge of chemistry aneble us to indicate harmful substances that is dangerous to our body.
—Guest henry

Importance of Chemistry

It help us to know what is the composition of one particular thing.
—Guest sL_Athena

Importance of chemistry

Chemistry has 2 do wit every activity in lif. Such as cukin, rootin leaves, burning firewood, makin palm wine, lightin a match etc.
—Guest Promise udodi .C. 08134940677


chemistry is very important because everything that we do ,eat and uses involve chemistry
—Guest tholinhlanhla

the chemistry is essential

with the help of chemistry, we are able to make new substances combining different elements.This new substance will help us in maitaining good life. such as medicines
—Guest venut

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Why Is Chemistry Important?

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