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Readers Respond: Why Is Chemistry Important?

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chemistry is what you made of

because you are made of many elemants like calcium magnesium silicon sodium etc so if you added some acid in your body skin so that it react thats why i am saying you made of chemistry
—Guest mohamed saatuur

Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry help our industry to produce more materials for us such as paints , plastics , iron or steel , cement , kerosine , and also motor oil. Chemistry help also our farmers to enrich the soil with chemicals like insecticides and pesticides to gain a fresh vegetables ..
—Guest ~gRatItUdEgIrL25~

Chemistry Importance

Chemistry is important, especially in house hold things like condoms, cleaning and coooking. lol
—Guest Cougar

Brain behind every work

Chemistry is d key 2 everything we use on earth.when u bring up ideas and you react them together,it surely must be balanced to give you a result.THAT IS CHEMISTRY.When you react water with something you must surely get a result.
—Guest Pat


In just one line we can say that importance of chemistry is unparallel and scope of chemistry is unlimited.Importance of chemistry can't be penned down with some examples!We can lead a better life with the chemistry.
—Guest Swathi.P.S


chemistry gives your personality a different look which differs from other.
—Guest Nilanjandasgupta


chemistry is very important in our life because we wear chemistry example nylon we drink chemistry example water we sleep on chemistry example bed and so on
—Guest sadaf


chemistry is a heart of earth green chemistry is oxygen of earth
—Guest rohan sawant

No Life Without Chemistry

Without chemistry no life for humanbeings... Chemistry is The God for all other subjects
—Guest sarandeva

why chemistry is important

chemistry is important becauce everything around us is made up of chemicals and we use it in our day to day activities in our house, industry, company e.t.c
—Guest Immanuel Abiola

chemistry in universe

It is said that chemistry is the knowledge of observing this universe.And in our HOLLY QURAN ALLAH ALMIGHTY said that "intelligent is that person who observes this universe".that"s all about chemistry
—Guest amin_malik

about chemistry

chemistry is important as it make up our mind to the small secrets of our environment around us and by studying chemistry we can able to know the suspense of basic mechanism in our body in our daily life. thus it is important.
—Guest mrinal mukesh


Chemistry is a path of creativity at least to me.....other than maths and physics which is a bit mechanical itz a subject of logic and it creates a new way of thinking....organic is like a puzzle which is very interesting to solve and bonding is just awesome.
—Guest unknown

Environmental maven

Chemistry is a study of life. Life is made of string of particulate matter.
—Guest Dr C. w. Huey


every things in this univers is made up of matter and metter is made up of elements molecules and compunds,even all the living things made up of compounds,the major compund is water in living organisms, scientists say mathematics is mother of all sciences while i am thinking chemistry is the father of all sciences. i thinks so if the field of chemistry is grooming all the others filed of sciences will be gromming,e.g. the hardwear of computers reduced from larger size to smaller is due to the progress of chemistry. the biotechnology also dependent on chemistry. the organic chemistry brings a revolution in the field chemistry, currently green chemistry also overcome the hazards of all branches of chemistry simply the whole progress in this world dependent in the field of chemistry so that is y chemistry
—Guest jamshed anwar

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Why Is Chemistry Important?

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