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Readers Respond: Uses for Hydrochloric Acid or Muriatic Acid

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From the article: What Is Muriatic Acid?
Muriatic acid is another name for hydrochloric acid, which is one of the strong acids. Do you use muriatic acid or dilute hydrochloric acid as a household chemical? If so, what uses do you have for it? Share Your Idea

mutiatic acid

I use muriatic acid or hydrocholric acid to clean the algea growth from the bottom of my boat. Be sure to wet the concrete well that,s under and around your boat or you'll end up with with a ghost pattern of your boat. Keep the acis away from grass and aluminum.
—Guest bob c


Cleans old really dirty toilets with ease. I clean a lot of these in foreclosed homes easy job with muratic tough job with anything else
—Guest Miami heat


I use a dilute solution after scabbling the inside surface of old water tanks.this gives a great bind to the new mortar application
—Guest mike wilson

used to detect sea salt on metal

Can HCL be used to show if sea salt is present on metal that has been shipped overseas?
—Guest Dan

removes stains from cement and plaster

I have used muriatic acid to remove stains and rust from cement and plaster. it used to be easy to find in pool supply stores and Home Depot type stores. Now all I find is some alternative safe stuff
—Guest Hardtofindnow

"Food additive/gelatin production"????

I'd be curious to know more about HCI and how it's used as a "food additive" (as described on the first page where it lists the uses for this chemical). I'd hate to think I'm ingesting this substance and will read labels even more carefully from now on!
—Guest Mysfyt

Bathroom dirt/tiles/shower stall

I used a solution that contained HCI to clean the dirty tiles inside my shower and bathtub (soap scum, etc.). You only need to let it set for a little while if there is a small amount of dirt but longer with extreme dirt. DO NOT make the mistake of being in there while it's working or not having proper ventilation. It's extremely caustic and I found it to cause breathing problems if exposed to it. USE WITH CAUTION/READ ALL LABELS/follow directions.
—Guest mysfyt

hydrocloric acid in stainless steel

From everything I have read it's not good to use HCL acid on any stainless steel, It will remove the protective chromium oxide layer and pit the base metal leaving it subject to corrosion. Once SS is pitted these pits allow dirt and other things to get to the base metal and after a time you will get corrosion pin holes that can penetrate completely through the metal. The only kind of acid you want to use on SS at home is oxilitic acid found in some SS cleaners and only use plastic non metallic scrubbers to clean it. If you use steel scrubbers they must be SS scrubbers, If you use regular steel or copper scrubbers it will embed particles in the SS and these particles over time will rust.
—Guest thomasedwin

Pool cleaner

No... Acid will do nothing to control algae in pools. It is used for controlling ph and alkalinity
—Guest BT

solution of dotted tiles when HCL used

please give solution of tiles.as i have already used HCL on the tiles and it become whitest colour i again want the natural colour of tiles and its shine.what can i do iam in trouble and my whole tiles is whitest
—Guest Rinky

Paulie Dell

I used muriatic acid in my power washer to clean concret and then put the power washer in my brand new car. I guess because I stored it in my shed the tanks caps must have swelled from the heat n it spilled in my trunk and now I have tried different things including baking soda but to no avail. please tell me if there's something I can use to get rid of the odor thanks
—Guest Paul Dello Stritto

hydrochloric acid

Pour about a cup of Muratic Acid into a Fire ant hill. I make a small opening in the top of the mound. If it large and has several Queen's you may have to do it again.
—Guest GeoCar

Bathroom Use:

it is commonly in my country as a toilet cleaner, especially to remove yellow residues off. And I have used it to remove rust off a ceramic surface. But you should be careful, because mixing it with chlorine would produce a great bleaching effect and a perfect killer gas!!!!
—Guest Hosam Ddeen

Muriatic Acid

I've used 22 deg. Baume (35% HCl) muriatic acid to clean oxidation and corrosion off of old brass blowtorches, then shine up the brass and stain and laquer the wood handles for a really nice-looking antique. Be sure to use rubber gloves and safety glasses, though--it's nasty stuff. Also, use it only outdoors, with a hose handy in case of spill.
—Guest JohnB

galvanized pipe

will muriatic acid remove galvanized coating from pipe?
—Guest mark a mumm

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Uses for Hydrochloric Acid or Muriatic Acid

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