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Readers Respond: What Are Some Examples of Chemistry in Daily Life?

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From the article: Chemistry in Daily Life
You encounter chemistry every day, yet might have trouble recognizing it, especially if you are asked as part of an assignment! What are some examples of chemistry in daily life? Share your examples or read reader submissions. Share Your Example

serious prob

Chemistry has given drugs like LSD,cocaine,brown sugar.which r proving a curse to the society.chemistry is also responsble for the discovry of xplozve substncs lyk TNT,nitroglycerine,dynamyt,mustard gas,lewisite,phosgene,atom n hydrgn bomb
—Guest Aadil hussain

Fake tears

we see actors crying on tv or in movie, but they are actually not crying, they use glycerin (propan-1, 2, 3triol).
—Guest Vivek


....a subject which deal with break up n petch up along with reactive side effects
—Guest megamind


Raw food ingredients which are the reactants are converted to eatable products in the presence of heat
—Guest Bebe Edward Ayakeme


milk convert into curd due to the chemical reaction
—Guest karthika

chemistry in a daily life

chemistry in a daily life, chemistry in love, how does onion make cry.
—Guest musa aminu


The most abundant chemical in cells is water. DNA is the genetic material of cells the chemical instructions that cells need to carry out the functions of life.
—Guest Vb


everything we see is chemistry take it food medicines ,sunscreen lotion,and everything .
—Guest krystyll

drugs as medicine

many of us take drugs mostly in the time of brain stress and that's the chemistry!
—Guest Anushka Sati


Oil is a polymerized version of fatty acids.its extraction and purifaction is completely based on chemical methods.similar is the case of petroleum,disel,petrols which makes the world fast and random
—Guest Vishal Yadav

chemstry in our life

in our cell basic unit of our.DNA present it in made up of chem. compounds and our basic structure is made up from ammino acid combination of carbon,hydrogen,oxygen,nitrogen........
—Guest nirdosh singh


Being indians,we hane to use fireworks.well,these fireworks are chemistry when we light them,
—Guest Anamika

our body

the smallest unit of our body is cell and the matter inside the cell is made up of atoms and molecules only........!
—Guest Monika Bartwal

Zinc Sulfate

It is used in manufacturing of rayon and cosmetics
—Guest Aaditya

Osmium - very common but never realized!

OSMIUM is a chemical (metal, atomic number - 76) is used in the pen tips. The tips of refill pens!!
—Guest Mary Roshma

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What Are Some Examples of Chemistry in Daily Life?

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