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Readers Respond: What Are Some Examples of Chemistry in Daily Life?

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medicinal effect

medicines is the best eg of chemistry which save us from the diseases and make us be able to live contain the chemical compound
—Guest aim

All is chemistry

everything is the product of chemistry. In morning we use toothpaste which is chemistry product. And at night when we go to bed we burn a coil which also works as chemical to keep mosquito far from us.
—Guest Animesh


medicine, engineering, agriculture and all other fields are dependent on chemistry. so yes, it is important to know it
—Guest future nurse

Drug - Food Interactions

You can apply chemistry in your daily life to make sure any drugs you use aren't compromised or overly strengthened by the foods you eat. For example, many drugs are affected by alcohol. Some medications are negated by eating something as seemingly harmless as grapefruit! Others contain caffeine as an active ingredient, so if you take the medicine with coffee or cola, you're increasing your dosage.

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