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Readers Respond: What Are Some Examples of Chemistry in Daily Life?

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We see the rusting iron in our household products.This is called oxidation,a simple process in chemistry in daily life
—Guest karthik kiran

retardation of oxidation

In packet of chips they fill with nitrogen gas for avoiding spoilage of food
—Guest venugopal naredla

Chemistry in life

Chemirtry is a branch of science. Which deals with the composition, proporties and transformation of matter.
—Guest Aslam.cheruvalath.t.v.r


the reaction takes place in the time of heating & evaperation etc....
—Guest lingeswai

identify each compound

food, medicine, beverages, healthcare and hygiene, application in bio chemistry.
—Guest angel

chemistry in our life

chemistry is used in our everyday life like cooking brushing cosmetics etc
—Guest karishma


A polymer is a large molecule comprised of many subunits, known as monomers. Because of their broad range of properties, both synthetic and natural polymers play an essential and ubiquitous role in everyday life. Polymers range from familiar synthetic plastics such as polystyrene (of styrofoam) to natural biopolymers such as DNA and proteins that are fundamental to biological structure and function.
—Guest Courtney Love Dunque

chemistry in life

cosmetics cleaning plastic polymer atomic field respiration perfume cofee
—Guest shina


Perfume is a chemistry, its had a lot of fragnant


cleaners use chemicals for its production.these improve cleansing properties of water.these help in removal of fats which bind other materials to the fabric or skin.
—Guest bhumika pant


human beings respire in order to break down complex food into simpler subtances and also we inhale oxygen and give out carbon dioxide
—Guest Romyl swarnkar

Milk contains

Milk contains lactic acid. Lactic acid is named after the Latin word 'lac', which means milk.

Chemistry's role in our Stomach

Chemistry is involved in acidity, when excess Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is present in the inner lining of the stomach. We can recover from acidity by taking antacids like Milk of Magnesia. Being a base, it neutralizes the effect of the excess acid.
—Guest nobody


polymer are synthetic and naturals used in our daily life from early morning awake to night sleep
—Guest G.sakthivel


We use various type of chemicals.Some are simple and some are complecated.Salt ,sugar ,oil,fat,protein,starch,utensils,cleaners are some examples of chemicals
—Guest Devanshi Gupta

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What Are Some Examples of Chemistry in Daily Life?

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