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Readers Respond: Engineer vs Scientist

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It's bloody obvious

A natural scientist tries to understand nature, and an engineer tries to create what nature doesn't have by making use of what scientists have discovered.
—Guest ChemEng

engineer vs scientist

An engineer works with the things which is already designed by a scientist . an engineer has some boundaries but a scientist need not care for any thing and he works on what a scientist should work .
—Guest udhithsanthosh

scientist VS enginner

scientists will think deeply through the atoms but engineers will think beyond the atoms
—Guest sathish chandhra

here is the diff

engineer is integra part of scientist,as scientist's work is a basic raw materials for engineer
—Guest kamar

Engineer vs. Scientist

The main difference lies in the main field of work. An engineer is more on the physical aspect of matter (or materials) while a scientist is more on the functionality & "concepts" related to the matter (or material). However, both works on same scientific concepts of matter or material in the field of Science and Technology.
—Guest MTMaturan

An Answer

I believe that there is a big difference between scientists and engineers. For one thing engineers are usually confined to building and designing. Scientists do not have as many boundaries and can really do whatever they want. However this could also include building and design. So as you can see there is some overlap. But scientists are more likely to do many more things including making theories.
—Guest Scientist

enginner VS scientist

they are almost the same if we would look in general point of views, but i believed that sceintist are those who always search for new things and tried to understand, but engineers tried to applied this science, by optimizing it, exploring the possibility of producing in big scale, but all this, will dum up in one "using science in service to mankind"
—Guest lawrence

no such difference!!!!

—Guest Susobhan

scientist is scientist and engineer

scientist is scientist and engineer but engineer is not scientist.
—Guest vahid saadattalab

money vs glory

engineers work for money while scientists work for glory (scientists are compensated poorly)
—Guest L

biggest difference

scientists always tries to modify and discover the things which are present in the real world. but engineers always things to do something new, like providing new facilities for peoples, create new functions or software to make the daily life easier and more easier.
—Guest anurag rathore


the difference between it is engineers are the person who protact those things which are made by scientest. scientist are making the things and engineering are giving the way to make that thing.
—Guest Love Kumar

Simplest answer

Scientists discover things. Engineers build things.
—Guest Jon


Different mind set altogether. Engineer learns what is needed to get the job done and does it. Scientists learn for the sake of learning - they accumulate vast amounts of knowledge according to their whims, maybe discover something, write a book, and die. Dreaming vs Doing. BTW: if you think scientists are the only ppl making discoveries, look at which camp files the most patents.
—Guest Dr. Ph.D Prof. LoL


A phd, who also has a degree in engineering, is not a scientist because he has an engineering degree. He is a scientist in spite of it. Engineer is an overused term for anyone with a technical background who you can get to sign any CYA document.
—Guest Villanova
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