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Readers Respond: Engineer vs Scientist

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Scientists Vs Engineers

A scientist is a person who specialises in physics,chemistry,botany,zology,bios,engineering science,astronomy and metrology. An engineer is a person who thinks about asolution to an existing problem. OR a person who thinks,imagines,designs,develops,produces,constructs and mentains different products like machines


"A Scientist builds in order to learn; an Engineer learns in order to build" ~Fred Brooks
—Guest Hari

Engineers are scientists

Engineers are scientists, but scientists aren't necessarily engineers.
—Guest nameless

Both are Solvers

Scientist works for GENERAL SOLUTIONS (by discoveries,problem solving methods,inventions etc). Engineer works for PARTICULAR SOLUTIONS (by designing devices and things for particular situations). For example a computer scientist develops smartest algorithms for sorting,searching,compression,encryption,pattern detection,graphics processing etc and makes programming languages.Software engineer use and manipulate tools produced by computer scientist for developing soft wares for particular tasks like web browsers,media players,document editors,image editors,sound editors etc. Scientists works for production of knowledge (both theoretical and practical). In most cases the title "Scientist" is a bestowed title rather than a job.Engineering and medicine are falls into the category of applied science.So we can find a lot of engineers and doctors those known as scientists.
—Guest Researcher

No one can differentiate

No one can differentiate scientist and engineer without OVERLAP.If somebody do that,that will be absolute blunder.
—Guest nameless


scientists discovers,thinks and experiment on nature while engineers are scientists who put science in designated form.
—Guest ocira


A scientist uses tools and the scientific method to discern information about the world around us. Engineers use math, science, and technology to solve issues.
—Guest An actual engineer

diff. betn. engg. and scienstist

scienstist are creater but enggineear are improver
—Guest Mahesh N. Amrutkar


The major difference between Engineers and scientists is the method or process that they employ. Engineers use the DESIGN PROCESS. Scientists use the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.
—Guest Prathmesh Patel

scientists and Engineers

I think scientists discover what has been in existence while Engineers use the discovery for creating something new.

difference between scientist and enginee

scientist develop technology and engineers use technology or implement it to provide user friendly services to the common people.
—Guest Ayush Singh

Consulting Engineer(India)

Lot of.Scientist work in Lab;Engineer in Field Scientist is Theory oriented;Er.Practical;Sct is Nerd;Er.is Hardworker;Commercial;Selfish
—Guest Er.SUNY;India

engineer and scientist

scientist "he is a science and create the science" wher engineer "study the science"
—Guest hanumanth


Many times scientists ARE engingeers and usually if ur an engineer ur a scientist... just sayin :)
—Guest Gabe

Scientist vs engineer

Although i am an engineer yet my views are also somewhat similar to others. I want to say that scientist discovers a thing and engineers turn that discovery in to commercial value.
—Guest Narendra kumar

What's the Difference?

Engineer vs Scientist

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