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Readers Respond: Engineer vs Scientist

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The major difference between Engineers and scientists is the method or process that they employ. Engineers use the DESIGN PROCESS. Scientists use the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.
—Guest Prathmesh Patel

scientists and Engineers

I think scientists discover what has been in existence while Engineers use the discovery for creating something new.

difference between scientist and enginee

scientist develop technology and engineers use technology or implement it to provide user friendly services to the common people.
—Guest Ayush Singh

Consulting Engineer(India)

Lot of.Scientist work in Lab;Engineer in Field Scientist is Theory oriented;Er.Practical;Sct is Nerd;Er.is Hardworker;Commercial;Selfish
—Guest Er.SUNY;India

engineer and scientist

scientist "he is a science and create the science" wher engineer "study the science"
—Guest hanumanth


Many times scientists ARE engingeers and usually if ur an engineer ur a scientist... just sayin :)
—Guest Gabe

Scientist vs engineer

Although i am an engineer yet my views are also somewhat similar to others. I want to say that scientist discovers a thing and engineers turn that discovery in to commercial value.
—Guest Narendra kumar

Engineer vs Scientist

All engineer can be consider as scientist while scientist cannaot be consider as an engineer
—Guest pj

Scientist, Engineer, Workman

Scientist makes the tools than engineer use to bulid the tools for workman to do their work, building better tools for scientist to work with. Noone can exist without the other, and there is noone that is just one or the other. Efficient Workmanship can shrink the times required for new scientific instruments require to be deployed. New instruments provide vital information to scientists to base new explanations on how this world works. Usually encoded in the form of equations. Those equations are the tools in the mind of engineers to design marvellous things, for the workmen to build and make everyone life's easier. All are required, all are needed. I consider myself a bit of all three.
—Guest potis21


In my opinion the different lies within the tasks which are performed by these two proffessionals and their education as well
—Guest Denford Mufandaedza

Engineering is just applied science

Ultimately, the difference is your job description (and about 30 grand a year, on average). Engineers make scientific discoveries all the time, and scientists solve practical problems with scientific knowledge all the time.
—Guest Jack

Engineer Dreams

If you dream of Earth being more advanced, more developed, more efficient, beyond the achievements that we know of today and filled with devices that make our lives fulfilling but we are yet to experience you are an engineer! And if you dream of the world as it is you can be any human on the planet including a scientist just not an engineer! -Cedric D. Thomas
—Guest Cedric


Engineers are the children of scientists. As dad teaches what they observed and learnt, child applies and try to improvise it to new extremes
—Guest asd


thier are much more difference between sintist and engineer.
—Guest kalyankar b. s.

proff. in faculty of engineering

the fifference is mainly in the skills as engineering skills allow to the engineer to behave freely in the field, the engineers are flexible in dealing with the people at site but for the scientest mailny works in lab. or in office or in teaching, but i also believe that they are verry important in the research field which is reflecting good results to the cmmunity
—Guest hussein dallal

What's the Difference?

Engineer vs Scientist

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