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Readers Respond: Uses for Bleach and Vinegar

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From the article: Mixing Bleach and Vinegar
Mixing vinegar and bleach strengthens the cleaning and disinfecting properties of the chemicals, yet it also produces toxic vapors. Do you mix vinegar and bleach for specific purposes? If so, what is your use of the mixture? Share Your Use

Bleach IS an acid! DANGER! Author lied!

Chlorine bleach contains sodium hypochlorite or NaOCl. Because bleach is "Sodium hypochlorite in water, the sodium hypochlorite in bleach actually exists as hypochlorous acid:" I worked calibrating chlorine detectors. And if you mix Bleach with vinegar it produces chlorine gas! It is deadly and should NOT be done under any circumstance! Danger to life article here http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/idlh/intridl4.html also see: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/832336-overview

Bleach is not an acid.

Bleach is not an acid, it is a strong base. adding vinegar WILL lower the pH, but since bleach has a HIGH pH, adding vinegar will only neutralize it. Another use for mixing vinegar with bleach is to create a strong oxidizing chemical, used to turn (for example) steel wool into iron oxide (Fe2O3), used for color pigments, or chemistry experiments.
—Guest Professor

spring cleaning accident

I have three dogs, and have been using a mild bleach solution for a while to help keep the mop clean. It's basically a capfull of bleach to a bucket of water. I usually use an oil soap for mopping. If a dog has an accident, I spritz white vinegar on the floor after mopping the mess with oil soap solution and squeezing out the mop, then swab up the vinegar. I squeeze out the mop afterwards, rinse in the oil soap bucket and squeeze out again before soaking in the mild bleach solution. Well, this time when I added bleach to the empty mop sterilizing bucket, I did so before taking the mop out and putting water in. BIG mistake: there was just enough residual vinegar on the mop to start the reaction. It started instantaneously. I immediately started pouring water into the bucket/onto the mop, cleared the cat out of the downstairs and the dogs out of the house. Holy cow, I feel sick, even with all the windows open and the ceiling fans running! I think I've got the gas dissipated now, but my nose is still stinging. Think I'm going to buy a SECOND mop, just for wiping up vinegar. I knew about ammonia and bleach being a bad idea, but didn't know about vinegar and bleach. I sure as hell do now.
—Guest whoops

good excuse to go outside

I used some bleach to clean crud out of the head. It is raining and was sorta grounded in the yacht... then splashed vinegar around... still scrubbing away, this gawd awful aroma had me stumpt. I am reading this to find a way to neutralise this discovery... nah, but *snickers* muustaard gaas haahaaahaaaaa
—Guest oscar


If I mix Bleach+Vinegar will it create a substance that will knock someone out or if I mix bleach and acetone.
—Guest ThEaSsAsSiN69

Clorox Cleaner with Bleach

just put some Clorox Cleaner with Bleach into a spray bottle that had a small amount of white vinegar, baking soda (maybe hydrogen peroxide). Sprayed it in our shower and all of a sudden I was gasping for air and my eyes burning. now 20 mins later my eyes and chest are still burning... would never have thought this... hopefully the harmful effects leaves me....
—Guest Lois

So glad I read this first...

I have been looking for ways to clean concrete smell from where my animals keep going. Figured I'd use what I had available at the time (vinegar and bleach). So glad I read this first!
—Guest Amazed

Bon jure

I saw a home made cleaner solution on the internet. Mix Vinegar with a drop of laundry soap and 2 tbls bleach. It will clean everything! Including your lungs!!! Don't believe everything you read on the internet. I cleaned my bathroom and now I am coughing and having a hard time breathing. Should have asked 1st about mixing the 2.
—Guest cher

Soaking a Diabetic Foot

A doctor mixed bleach, vinegar, and salt in a big bowl with water, and then told his patient to put his infected foot in it. The patient after twenty or so minutes, felt a pain sensation on his foot; it was too late, great pain overtook him, there were no painkiller strong enough to calm him, he cried all night/all day until several days later, he died. Was this a good thing for the doctor to do this to his patient?


NEVER MIX THE TWO!!!! add bleach, THEN WATER, then the Vinegar
—Guest sydking

Don't ingest

I decided to drink a cup of vinegar followed by a cup of bleach on a dare back in March of 1953. It cost me my life. Don't ever mix the two. Wendy. 11 years old, forever.....
—Guest .

Dont mix them straight together

Bleach and vinegar are one the the most powerful disinfectants out there BUT you must mix them properly or risk death. Mix the bleach in water FIRST then add the vinegar after you have filled the container with water. You can find the mix ratio online. This stuff is so powerful it will kill anthrax and certain spores that bleach or anything else cannot kill. Use it with caution and treat it like you would any powerful cleaning product, gloves lots of ventilation and eye protection.


What about if I sprayed a material with a mildew cleaner that has bleach in it (Lysol)? After the item airs out for a few days could I use vinegar and baking powder on it?
—Guest Mrs.T

Laundry: bleach, rinse, vinegar=OK

You can use bleach and vinegar doing the same load of laundry as long as you do so in different cycles. Most washers have a separate section for dispensing bleach, detergent, and softener. Bleach decreases the effectiveness of the cleaning power of laundry detergents and so is dispensed near the end of the wash cycle. If you use liquid clothing softener, then that gets released during the last rinse cycle. I don't use commercial softeners, but I sometimes add white vinegar to the rinse to soften cloths and rinse residue off clothing and the washer. You can use vinegar instead in the softener dispenser section. If you must use liquid bleach, then use the mentioned items in the order above and all should be safe, disinfected, bright, clean, and soft. Many people are using the popular Oxiclean (which is about 50% washing soda = sodium carbonate) as "bleach". It works best if dissolved in hot water and immediately added near the end of the wash cycle.

Green house now back to magnolia

I used a mixture of vinegar and cheap thin bleach to clean green mildew/mould off the exterior of my house - moved it outdoors in a sprayer and sprayed it on the exterior walls - used goggles and gloves - instant results - house. Now back to magnolia colour :-)
—Guest Suzc

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Uses for Bleach and Vinegar

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