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Readers Respond: Element Jokes

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From the article: Weird Chemistry Facts
Do you know a joke pertaining to the chemical elements or are you looking for some element humor? Share your element joke or read element jokes submitted by others.


I told a chemistry joke..... There was no reaction.
—Guest rawr

haspital jokes

Why are helium curium and barium the three main medical elements? If you can't curium or helium, you barium!
—Guest funny guy


are u hydrogen?? why?? because i cant live wid out u
—Guest boboJUICE

best pick up line ever?

are you 11 protons cause you are sodium (so damn) fine?
—Guest the GodKing


What did the Chemist say to motivate his team? we ARGON to BARIUM.
—Guest ChemKid


What don't you understand about copper? It makes perfect CENTS!
—Guest Matt Smith


A good way to remember gold is "Au gimme that gold"
—Guest idk

I thought this was smart

What do you do with a dead scientist? You barium. That's if you can't helium or curium.
—Guest AN3MAL

A Wrestling Joke With Elements

A wrestler holding down an opponent may hav a NEON him
—Guest Amy Hollands

Two chemists in a bar

Two chemists walk into a bar, the first says I will have some H2O and the second one says I will have some H2O too and the second one dies! Hahaha (get it... H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide and you can't drink it or you will die)
—Guest Abouttodoachemexam


what happened to the chemist in the cave -Berkelium(bear kill him)
—Guest git shrekt

bad potassium joke

Hey want to hear a joke about potassium............K
—Guest teamwilson

this one is legit

You must be ethidium bromide, because I'm tangled in your double helix.
—Guest Danielrain77

Pick up line

Are you made out of beryllium, ununtrium and titanium ? Cause you're a BeUTi ( beauty )
—Guest Bubbles


Do particles with multiple helium isotopes have mass? Only the Catholic ones!!
—Guest PeabmnutBuder

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