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From the article: Weird Chemistry Facts
Do you know a joke pertaining to the chemical elements or are you looking for some element humor? Share your element joke or read element jokes submitted by others. Share Your Element Joke

Neutron Joke

A neutron walkes into a bar and orders a drink. He asks the bar tender "how much do I owe you?" The bar tender replies, "For you, no charge!"
—Guest CHM student

Oxygen went out with nitrogen...

Did it go OK................................... NO!
—Guest Elmo


What do you get when you mix germanium, nitrogen, iodine, uranium, and sulfur together?!?!?! A genius
—Guest Bromine


I like chemistry jokes, but the good ones are argon.
—Guest Scientist

Two metal catalysts

What did the Fe catalyst say to the Mn catalyst in the other beaker? Hey manganese, I've got my iron you
—Guest Zee

Sodium "Na"

My mom asked if I wanted salt on that, I said, "Na".
—Guest Na

periodic table

When do you tell chemistry jokes? Periodically lololololololo
—Guest woop


Arw you depressed? alcohol is the best solution :D
—Guest macha'ouliabub

Element Jokes

I always thought telling Element jokes was kind of Radical !!!
—Guest John W

Acid Comment

Johnny was a joker. He isn't anymore. Cuz what he thought was H2O, was H2SO4
—Guest Frank

Pick up line

Do you have 11 protons, because you are Sodium fine.
—Guest Guest

are you made up of 11 pro. and 12 nue.

because your sodium fine hahahahah then she replied Na
—Guest boss


Never trust an atom................................................ they make up EVERYTHING!
—Guest element101

What to do with patients

If you can't curium (cure them) or helium (heal them) , you barium (bury them)
—Guest Smarties


So, were you made from the mixture of Sulfur, Oxygen, Carbon, Iodine, more Oxygen, Protactinium, and Thorium? Because you are such a SOCIOPaTh!
—Guest Apple

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Element Jokes

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