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Readers Respond: Element Jokes

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From the article: Weird Chemistry Facts
Do you know a joke pertaining to the chemical elements or are you looking for some element humor? Share your element joke or read element jokes submitted by others. Share Your Element Joke


what happened to the chemist in the cave -Berkelium(bear kill him)
—Guest git shrekt

bad potassium joke

Hey want to hear a joke about potassium............K
—Guest teamwilson

this one is legit

You must be ethidium bromide, because I'm tangled in your double helix.
—Guest Danielrain77

Pick up line

Are you made out of beryllium, ununtrium and titanium ? Cause you're a BeUTi ( beauty )
—Guest Bubbles


Do particles with multiple helium isotopes have mass? Only the Catholic ones!!
—Guest PeabmnutBuder

"Na"t just another sodium joke

Are you feeling under the weather today? Because you look like you're Na fine.
—Guest Nik

sodium and hydrogen

sooo i was gonna tell you a joke about sodium and hydrogen......but NaH
—Guest merechild

Not quite an element joke...

So an atom walks into a bar with a gun and the bartender says "Who are you and what do you want?" to which the atom replies "The name's Bond, Ionic Bond, and I want an electron taken, not shared."
—Guest The laughmaster

Dead elements

What do you do to dead elements.......... You barium.
—Guest Yo mama


I was looking for sodium on the periodic table, but then it told me it was not available!!(Na)
—Guest Guest ryguy


what do you say when: oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, sodium and phosphorous walk into a bar? OH SNaP!
—Guest cesadite

hahahahahahahahahaha funny

Knock Knock, Who's There? Berryl Berryl who? Berryl and Lium

@ Guest guest

Nitrogen Is only N. Neon is Ne therefore it would be Fluoride, iodine and neon :3
—Guest Guest lol

cut leg

what did the chemiste do when he cut his leg? he put his neon (knee on) a table to bandage it up
—Guest papercutyourface

asfklkyjhadoig i love this one

chemistry jokes are sodium funny! hah. say it out loud.
—Guest chemistryyy

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Element Jokes

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