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Readers Respond: Element Jokes

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How's the Date?

I heard Magnesium went out with Oxygen, after Oxygen's date with potassium didn't go OK. OMg.
—Guest Knobloch Minecraft

oh no

When oxygen,hydrogen,nitrogen and another oxygen come together, the all say oh no
—Guest minerman 69


bad jokes in chemistry 'cause the Good Ones Are_gone(argon)
—Guest favie

Like a BOsS

Combine Boron, Osmium, and sulphur like a BOsS. (It says that this is not 50 characters , but Professor Cat does not care. :3 Well, I must me off then. Toodleloo!)
—Guest Professor Cat


Are u made of copper and tellurium Because ur Cu Te
—Guest Cynthia


What did Paul Revere go upon in April 18 1775? Ans: Amide nitride
—Guest DocRider


Hey you? Me? Yeah. Do you want to here a joke about potassium? K
—Guest Alec

ion you

One atom of sodium is alone with one atom of chlorine. When they bond to make sodium chloride, the chlorine says: "I've got my ion you!"
—Guest SuperMario

Walking into a bar

Copper and iron are sitting at a bar the gold walks in. They say: Au
—Guest Poop


a miner struck gold for the first time when a thief came and stole his loot, the miner shouted A u give me back my gold!!!
—Guest olive0708

How was your date?

i asked asked Potassium how their date went with Oxygen. They said it was OK.
—Guest Magz09_them_protons_are_fineee

Sodium and hydrogen

I was gonna tell you a joke about sodium and hydrogen but NaH
—Guest Geust 3577322

What Johnny thought

Johnny was a chemists son but johnny is no more. what johnny thought was h2O was H2SO4.
—Guest Lilly -bines

Did I?

Did I tell you the joke about Sodium, Bromine and Oxygen? NaBrO
—Guest Angad


Argon walks into a bar. The bartender says, "We don't allow your kind in this place!" Argon doesn't react.
—Guest The Pi Guy

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