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Readers Respond: Element Jokes

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Chemist 1: do you have any sodium bromate? Chemist 2: N aBrO
—Guest Macaroni


What does a metal miner write home in a letter to his girlfriend? I am zincing of you all the time! :)
—Guest Ilovescience

What's it spell??

What does Uranium, Nickel, Cobalt, and Radon spell? UNiCoRn!!!
—Guest NinjaSaurus-Rex MLIA


Guys, stop it with the puns. We've all Sulfured enough.
—Guest Skavoc

haha, :D

my jokes are kinda boron.. but alot of the good ones argon. i'd pay a nickel to hear another joke. these are comedy gold..
—Guest sha0ihbgsid


I was going to tell a periodic table joke but all them Argon...


They were standing in their yards. Pop the Cd In neighbor!!!!!!!!
—Guest great people


Come on guys, these chemistry jokes are getting a bit boron.
—Guest A bizzle boron


Q: What did the chemist say when he found two isotopes of Helium??? A: HeHe
—Guest Haha youll never know


What do you say when someone takes your gold watch? Au come back with my watch!
—Guest abbylauren


What did the elements say to hydrogen? What a loner!
—Guest Guest is Me


Billy was a chemist's son but now he is no more. What he thought was H2O was H2SO4!
—Guest Nerdfighter


Q: what did one ion say to another? A: Ive got my ion you.
—Guest bree the geek;)


My dog died so I had to barium......................
—Guest gege


Protons have mass, I didn't know they were christian
—Guest funny man1212

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