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Readers Respond: Element Jokes

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are you made up of 11 pro. and 12 nue.

because your sodium fine hahahahah then she replied Na
—Guest boss


Never trust an atom................................................ they make up EVERYTHING!
—Guest element101

What to do with patients

If you can't curium (cure them) or helium (heal them) , you barium (bury them)
—Guest Smarties


So, were you made from the mixture of Sulfur, Oxygen, Carbon, Iodine, more Oxygen, Protactinium, and Thorium? Because you are such a SOCIOPaTh!
—Guest Apple

Sulfur, Tungsten, Silver.

What do you get when you mix sulfur, tungsten, and silver? SWAG.
—Guest Swiggity-Swag


Let's take all these bad chemistry...... and Barium!!!
—Guest The Troll


Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table.... He only believes in the Element of Surprise?
—Guest norris


A woman walked into a bar and i said "Au mind coming with me to sell some gold?"
—Guest DUKE


My teacher asked me to put Oxygen and Potassium together. I said OK.
—Guest chem whiz


my teacher told me to mix up oxygen and nitrogen together I told her NO
—Guest dood


he failed his chemistry test. he's sodium. all the kids laughed at him wowowowowowowowowowoowowowowowowowowowowoowowowowowoowowow
—Guest dick

Sodium? Ahhhh this guy

Anyone have any jokes about sodium? ........... Na
—Guest Lindsay


Q: where do lithium, Bromine, argon, and yttrium like to hang out? A: at the LiBrArY
—Guest Bored


How to flirt in chemistry: are you made of Beryllium, gold, titanium? because you are Be-Au-Ti(beauty)
—Guest your mom


So I ask my friend AU what should I get my girl friend? He says: just get a girls best friend GOLD
—Guest Pika uh

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