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Readers Respond: Chemistry Songs and Poems

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From the article: Chemistry Poems and Songs
Do you know a chemistry song or poem? It could be a song or poem about elements or the periodic table or simply related to chemistry. Here's your chance to share your song or poem or to read chemistry songs and poems submitted by others.

chemical bond

Elements everywhere, Can bond antime anywhere. Chemical bond holds compounds together, Metal and non-metals forever!! :))
—Guest rica chin

periodic table of elements

Did you know the periodic have elements,the elements that you see is found in this country,like hydrogen,carbon,oxygen,argon,and boron, this elements found in the periodic table. Periodic table helps in predicting chemical reactions,its developments leads in understanding,periodic table guide in getting informations,and guess different physical properties. Periodic table is importan,it have many elements that you use everytime ang everywhere in the world.
—Guest poem

chemistry is my name lol

This is chemistry it has a big mystry, which every chemistry can t do a mystry. With his own abilities it doesn t even does wrong or with his agility it doesn t even goes wrong . aw man is this enough for ure holiday homework cause i came here for mine and typed my poem :P u can make one to lol
—Guest jay preak

Chlorine Limerick

It's a gas that's yellowish-green A non-metal, reactive and mean It's one half of salt it can make your life halt its compounds keep our water clean
—Guest jellybeans

It's ionic that we bond

It’s ionic that we bond. A metal and a nonmetal met in a bar one day The metal said I’ve had my ion you and I’m wondering if you’ll stay The non-metal said I must have 8 VE’s And you’ve got what I need If you will lend me an electron I’ll be your friend indeed. The metal became so positive And we know opposites attract They formed an ionic compound because both liked to react. The new couple was so different And their bond so sure and stable You would barely recognize them On the periodic table. By Tammy N
—Guest Tammy

freshman chem lab

first they argue/ then argue some more/ their eyes strain looking at test tubes/ finally, they fine the miniscus in each. miniscus/measurements taken carefully
—Guest Catbird 55


ode to chemistry as a subject: chemistry is a mystery
—Guest kailashrangaraj

Ode to the Electron

Oh electron in the sky, lightning zaps you and makes trees fry!

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