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Readers Respond: Chemistry Jokes

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Chemistry is funny and chemists have a great sense of humor! Do you have a chemistry joke or riddle or are you looking for one? Share your chemistry joke or read jokes submitted by other readers. Share Your Chemistry Joke


Why was cobalt hired for the orchestra? Because it was a good conductor!
—Guest Shadow Finx

Over Titration

Well thanks for overtitrating my chemistry jokes Mr. Serious.
—Guest Saint Rivera

Complete Dissociation

We're completely lost in this lesson, I guess you can say complete dissociation. ;D
—Guest Saint Rivera

I think you're a ten ( pH joke)

Girl you a ten and by that on the pH scale you basic girl.
—Guest Saint Rivera

Element 43

What did you do with Element 43 last night? None of your Bismuth
—Guest Mohamed H.


I like chimestry, but its really boron me to death.
—Guest Why


What do you call a fish with 2 sodium atoms? A 2-NA
—Guest Anish Bhalla


What happens when you mix Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sulfur, Platinum, and Aluminum? You go to the HOSPtAl !
—Guest Bob

Pick up line

Are you a charged form of Uranium? Because I've got my ion U.
—Guest Matt and Jason


Why do chemists like nitrates? Because they are cheeper than day rates!
—Guest Rachel

I've lost it...

Two atoms were walking down the street when this conversation occured: "I think I just lost my charge." "Oh, really, are you sure?" Yes - I'm positive."
—Guest Jobie wan Kanobie

Bad pick-up line

Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you are CuTe.
—Guest Nobody

Plumbers and Chemists

How do tell if someone is a plumber or a chemist? Ask them to pronounce "unionized."
—Guest Danimal

Spectator Ion

When people fight, I am the spectator ion. I watch the reaction happen.
—Guest Dr. Adeel Ahmed

Yet Another Noble Gas Joke

I told a joke about noble gases ...there was no reaction.
—Guest Radium

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Chemistry Jokes

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