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From the article: Fun Science Facts
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Speed of light is faster than sound

When lightning strikes, the light is seen first and the sound is heard some seconds later because light travels faster than sound in air/vacuum (whereas sound travels faster in solids.)
—Guest Amina

can a sidewalk fry an egg?

no, it can't fry an egg. even though it is hot, it doesn't still have heat to fry an egg.
—Guest patricia cezar

Complete flowers

Flowers that have petals, sepals, stamens, and pistils


Ovoviviparous:This is how snakes reproduce. Ovoviviparous animal means: An animal that reproduces by forming eggs that are carried, with soft shells, inside the female until they hatch. They may hatch inside the mother and come out as if they had been born live. This is how snakes reproduce.
—Guest Juan Carlos Dy Javier

How Fast is a Hurricane?

A powerful hurricane can reach wind speeds of more than 155 miles per hour.
—Guest Patricia Cezar

crickets and flies

Did you know that a crickets ear is on his knees and a flies tastebud is on his feet
—Guest kimberly


the most expensive spices in the world is saffron, 1 pinch is equivalent to $100.
—Guest jamaica

The back of your hand

Do you know that the back of your hand is called the 'Opisthenar'.


did you know that the term for female cockcroach is "hencroach"
—Guest Oliver

pistol star

the pistol star is the most luminous star known-10 million times the power of the sun and as big as the size of earth's entire orbit around the sun.
—Guest Norriedel Francisco

do you know what a BEC is?

BEC (Bose-Einstein Condensate) is a supercooled substance that contain no individual atom.The first BEC was created at the university of Colorado in 1995 by cooling a sample of Rubidium gas atoms to about 0.00000017K through laser cooling and further cooled in "optical molasses"
—Guest rosalie

Blue whale

Didi you know that the tongue of a whale is bigger than a bus
—Guest Ahmed

Coolest Temperature

The coolest temperature that record in Antarctica is -168.2 degrees Celsius..
—Guest steve


Sediment is a naturally occurring material that is broken down by processes of weathering and erosion, and is subsequently transported by the action of wind, water, or ice, and/or by the force of gravity acting on the particle itself.


Humans at least blink within 5 seconds. As because the eyelids protects the eye from dust.
—Guest Mica

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