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Readers Respond: Chemistry Facts and Trivia

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Do you know an interesting chemistry fact or are you looking for some cool chemistry trivia? Add your chemistry fact or read what others have submitted. Submitted facts are checked for accuracy before being published. Share Your Chemistry Fact

states of matter

there are 6 states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, plasma, bose-einstein condensate and fermionic condensate
—Guest nicole

Do you know that...

Caffeine is the most widely consumed addictive in the world and HONEY is the only that cant spoil......
—Guest Divine Opia

Olivia's equation is innocorrect

2 Hydrogen + 1 oxygen = H2O which the chemical name for it is dihydrogen monoxide.
—Guest 013-The Chemistry Nerd

The Standard Oxygen

In 1961 a historical event took place when oxygen was replaced by carbon 12 to be used as the atomic weight standard for other elements.
—Guest Alfazeena

Masaya sa pinas

sobranginit sa pinas ;) hahah Cops got the nickname because buttons on their uniforms use to be made of copper metal. In England, policemen were nicknamed "coppers" and the US has shortened this to "cops."


Astatine is the rarest element on Earth (approx 28g in the Earth's entire crust.)
—Guest Bryan


The element Californium is often called the most expensive substance in the world (as much as $68 million for one gram.)
—Guest Bryan

Hydrofluoric acid

Do you know that hydrofluoric acid is so corrosive that it will dissolve glass,although it is corrosive,hydrofluoric acid is consided to be a weak acid


Car tires are black because they are about 30% carbon black , which is added to rubber to strengthen it . The carbon black also helps it to prevent against U.V. damage
—Guest sakshi duklan

5 Phases

In the modern age, there are 5 known phases of matter, SOLID, LIQUID, GAS, PLASMA and BOSE EINSTEINIUM
—Guest Clarence

ionization potential

cesium has lowest ionization potential. because ionization potential decreases as the size of the element increases .so cesium being smaller than francium having the lowest ionization potential in the long form of periodic table,because francium is radio active .
—Guest poojbaaya

Name three allotropes of Carbon

Question: Name three allotropes of Carbon: Answer: Diamond, Graphite, and Fullerene...
—Guest Duck


Tungsten has highest m.p(3300centigrate).so it is used as a filament in bulb.
—Guest Raghvendra Pal

mnemonic for organics

Most Electrons Prefer Bonding=MEPB= Methane Ethane Propane Butane
—Guest Ed Schramko


Rub the petals of a red chinarose on a piece of white paper and let it dry for two minutes in air. Now just put a single drop of lemon sap on it, you will see a color change from blue to red. Here you have made a litmus paper- a quick and simple way to test the presence of acid and base.
—Guest krishnendu

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Chemistry Facts and Trivia

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