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Readers Respond: Chemistry Facts and Trivia

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Do you know an interesting chemistry fact or are you looking for some cool chemistry trivia? Add your chemistry fact or read what others have submitted. Submitted facts are checked for accuracy before being published.

Molecules with Silly Name

Adamantane This molecule always brings a smile to the lips of undergrads when they first hear its name, esp. in the UK. For those not in the know, ADAM ANT was an English pop star in the early 1980's famous for silly songs and strange make-up. Adamantane actually gets its name from the Greek ADAMAS meaning "indestructible", since it's the chemical building block if diamond.
—Guest Eun Min


diffusion helps you perceive the aroma of a soup in the kitchen while you are outside the kitchen
—Guest chidijos


The only letter that doesn't appear on the periodic table is J.
—Guest The Helper2

states of matter

there are 6 states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, plasma, bose-einstein condensate and fermionic condensate
—Guest nicole

Name three allotropes of Carbon

Question: Name three allotropes of Carbon: Answer: Diamond, Graphite, and Fullerene...
—Guest Duck


Tungsten has highest m.p(3300centigrate).so it is used as a filament in bulb.
—Guest Raghvendra Pal

mnemonic for organics

Most Electrons Prefer Bonding=MEPB= Methane Ethane Propane Butane
—Guest Ed Schramko


Rub the petals of a red chinarose on a piece of white paper and let it dry for two minutes in air. Now just put a single drop of lemon sap on it, you will see a color change from blue to red. Here you have made a litmus paper- a quick and simple way to test the presence of acid and base.
—Guest krishnendu


Oxygen is not the most abundant element in our atmosphere. The most abundant element is Nitrogen, 78% while Oxygen is 21% and Argon is just short of 1%. Carbon Dioxide and trace elements make up the rest.
—Guest Matt

When the noble ones combine...

Xenon hexaflouroplatinate (XePtF6) is the first compound with a noble gas in it. It was first produced by Neil Bartlett in 1962.
—Guest Eyenine

Fastest Half-Life

Berrylium-8 has the shortest half-life, 70 x 10^-18 seconds, or 0.000000000000000070 seconds.
—Guest Eyenine

Very Cold!

The lowest temperature reached in the laboratory is 7 nanokelvins, very near to absolute zero. The temperature was reached when helium was cooled to become a superfluid -- a fluid that could defy gravity.
—Guest Eyenine

Cops and Copper

Cops got the nickname because buttons on their uniforms use to be made of copper metal. In England, policemen were nicknamed "coppers" and the US has shortened this to "cops."
—Guest TaxiLab

Giant Molecules

Rubber like you see on wheels of vehicles is actually one giant molecule.
—Guest Mad science


a diamond does not melt in acid.the only thing that can melt is the intense heat.
—Guest reyna

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