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Reader Submissions: Chemistry Questions and Answers


Is there a chemistry question you think a person with a command of chemistry should be able to answer? It could be a question that's so important, you think people should know the answer or it could be a question that someone who passed chemistry ought to be able to answer based on what they should have learned. Here's your chance to educate or to learn. Pose a chemistry question and answer it or view the questions submitted by others.

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Stoichiometry: Mass-Mass Problems

15 grams, Stoichiometry- *Mass relationships between substances in a chemical reaction*Based on the mole ratioMole Ratio-*Indicated by coefficients in a balanced equationStoichiometry Steps-1. Write …More

Azeotrope Problem - Methanol and Chloroform

I know that the second boil down must have less methanol than the original solution. If this were a simple ratio problem, then after the first boil down there would 12.5 ml of methanol in the boiling…More

What Is Aufbau's Principle?

Aufbau's Principle states that the orbitals are filled in the increasing order of theirenergies (in the ground state). Following the (n + l) rule of Aufbau's principle, the orbitalsin the increasing …More

Chemistry Question: What Is a Mole?

A mole is a unit of mass that is commonly used in chemistry calculations. A mole is 6.022 x 10^23 atoms, molecules, or other collections of particles. The mass of one mole of a material is the gram f…More

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