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Toxic Fumes from Toilet Cleaner, Bleach and Mean Green

Share Your Story: Accidental Poisonings

By Amanda

What I Did:

I mixed toilet cleaner (the works), bleach, and mean green.

How I Did It:

I was cleaning the toilet and bathtubs so i decided to just pour all the chemicals into one spray bottle and do it all at once. I noticed a very strong smell so I put a particulate mask on and just kept cleaning. When I was done I noticed I was coughing a lot and if I took a deep breath my chest felt tight. I tried going outside and drinking some water but that didn't help and I started feeling nauseous. So I called poison control center and they told me to open my windows and turn on every fan and the air conditioner to air out my house and go in the other bathroom (I didn't get to clean it because I was feeling so bad) and turn on the hot water and breathe the steam for 30 min. It didn't actually create much steam, so I boiled water on the stove and breathed that in. After about 10 min. and coughing up a lot of phlegm I was breathing normal and feeling fine again.

Lessons Learned

  • NEVER mix any chemicals!!!! And always call poison control or 911 for help if you have any doubt about something you breathed in or got on your skin.
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