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Toxic Fumes from Mixing Cleaners

Share Your Story: Accidental Poisonings

By sofi

What I Did:

Mixed Lysol Cleaner with Scrubbing Bubbles with Bleach and Pine-Sol

How I Did It:

I decided to deep clean my bathroom and I thought my bathroom is going to be super cleaned after I'm done..I sprayed my toilet with Scrubbing Bubbles w/bleach and Pinesol let it sit then I sprayed the whole tub with Lysol cleaner and sprayed tile walls Scrubbing Bubbles w/bleach well not a good idea..after about 2 minutes my eyes started to burn I thought it was normal at first so i stepped out and thought it's just me went back in and started to scrub my tiles but I couldn't finish my eyes were burning so I left and told my mother my eyes were burning well I waited and went back in to finish rinsing i didnt even finish scrubbing then I thought OMG HOW STUPID AM I and I drank milk washed my eyes with cold water and my nose which started to burn also I turned on a fan and pointed it towards my bathroom my ventilation doesnt work so yea...my nose still is irritated a bit and now I learned my lesson

Lessons Learned

  • I learned that ammonia and bleach do not go together at all ever!!
  • should read warning and caution directions before cleaning
  • just forget about chemicals and do the old soap and water method or find a natural home remedy cleaning solution so you don't end up with burning eyes and burned nose
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