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Potassium Poisoning

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What I Did:

I ate some potassium and it made me feel sick i threw up

How I Did It:

I was in my room and my sister bought me some potassium from the black markets in Bali. I ate it it was sopposed to make you feel stronger but it didn't. I knew i was in trouble when i passed out and found myself in hospital.

Lessons Learned

  • I learn't my lesson not to say about the black markets... 'OH DAMM' i said it... oh well i felt very very very very very very sick... i was leagily dead for ten minutes... i was terrified. * had to go back because my throat was raw later that night.
  • my son called my mom who caled poison contol and they got me out of the house,..............................lots of medicen to get me back on my feet just to get a white floor...
  • That was only two weeks ago since then I have had to be seen by the ear,nose throut speciallist my nose was stripped ,my ears were burning on the ear drom that was chemically burned
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