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Bleach and Cat Urine

Share Your Story: Accidental Poisonings

By Virginia Holmes

What I Did:

Put pure bleach onto several spots on the carpet where my cat pee.

How I Did It:

Poured pure bleach from the jar onto the cat pee spots. Inmediately caused abundant white foaming and the fumes hurted my eyes, I had to move inmediately. Then it came the fumes. It was hard to breathe and my child was around and started coughing like crazy. I ran the child to our breezeway but it was winter, so it seems that the heating suction and vents spread the fumes all over the house, bedrooms, etc. I turned it off to stop that and opened windows and doors, until smell disipate. Cleaned carpet with carpet vacuum with lots of water. Finally, turned the heating on with windows open to remove fumes.

Lessons Learned

  • I had done this procedure on concrete floor in the garage or barn in the summer and the fumes were not much to bother since it was ventilated and it helped to get rid of the cat pee smell for good. I never tried it indoors with carpet (it is white, i did not worried for discoloration). My child is ok, but I am terrified at what could had happen to her.
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