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Reader Stories: Accidental Poisonings


There are some household chemicals you just shouldn't mix and numerous ways to accidentally poison yourself. Do you have an accidental poisoning story to share? Have you ever mixed chemicals with a disastrous result? Be sure to offer any advice that would help prevent others from repeating your mistake.

Tell Your Poisoning Tale

Mixing Shower Cleaner and Bleach

At the time I was only 10, and was cleaning my shower with some shower cleaner. This was my first time really cleaning anything other than my room, and my mom had no idea I was doing it since I wante…More

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Exhaust Fumes

By not using my brain I nearly killed my self .Only the realization that I recovered when I left the water and got into fresh air ,and the fact that I got so weak and sick as soon as I dived alerted …More

Lime Away, Bleach, and Drain Cleaner Mixture

I knew I was definitely in trouble when my chest felt like it was going to explode, while still violently coughing. My muscles where hurting, my head was splitting and I was dizzy from coughing. Almo…More

Acid Splash from Hitting Water

I rushed to wash with water shouting 'sulfuric acid on my face''. My teacher came running and stopped me from doing it. At this point I was screaming with pain. She was very calm and took one of the …More

Fumes from Mixing Bleach and Ammonia

I didn't read the directions is the most important thing. I should have just left it there until the next day. I should have called 911 immediately. I never went at all. My boyfriend accused me of ev…More

Mixing Glass Cleaner and Bleach

We had a water leak under the kitchen sink that flooded, causing all of whatwould normally be spilled over the past to mix, I vented the house after noticing the chlorine gas smell, but I was exposed…More

Electrolyzing Water To Make Chlorine - Poisoning

There were several things I did wrong. I'm not sure if this is a problem, but I used AC instead if DC. I don't think the amount of power was a problem, because I have seen people use much more power …More

Bleach and Cigarettes

Unknown to me my mother had coated the tops in bleach and then washed them down with a wet cloth, but she didn't dry them, a short time after, the room still stinking of bleach, i went for a cigarett…More

Mixing Bleach and Ammonia - Toxic Gases

I would pour these 2 things together, and immediately was taken aback by the smell. My eyes watered, my throat was strained. I couldn't breathe, yet I still continued to clean...I would hold my breat…More

Mixing Bleach and Ammonia Accident

Poured bleach all over the floor, followed by ammonia. Immediately my eyes, nose and throat began burning. I had to hose down the room with a lot of water and let it sit for a few hours. Even standin…More

Toxic Vapors from Bleach and Urine

Could smell the gas or fumes still in my nose while walking dogs. Switched to inhale thru mouth exhale from nose. Didnt help nose but seemed to help lungs.On an anticipated cold day left all yhe wind…More

Mean Green in a Microwave

I knew as soon as I put my head near the door of the microwave something bad was happening. My head throat and chest all tightened at the beginning of cleaning. I was foolish and continued to give t…More

Bleach Reaction with Cat Urine

I poured straight bleach on cat pee soaked concrete. (the cat pee was months//years old at this point. The foaming was kind of cool at first, until I couldn't breath and my eyes and nose were running…More

Toxic Fumes from Mixing Cleaners

I decided to deep clean my bathroom and I thought my bathroom is going to be super cleaned after I'm done..I sprayed my toilet with Scrubbing Bubbles w/bleach and Pinesol let it sit then I sprayed th…More

Carpet Cleaner Poisoning Experience

About 5 to 7 days ago my dad was cleaning the carpets with a strong odored carpet cleaning brand chemical. i left when it was happening to my mothers then returned to the house later that day. it was…More

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