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Reader Stories: Accidental Poisonings


There are some household chemicals you just shouldn't mix and numerous ways to accidentally poison yourself. Do you have an accidental poisoning story to share? Have you ever mixed chemicals with a disastrous result? Be sure to offer any advice that would help prevent others from repeating your mistake.

Bleach and Ammonia Accidental Poisoning

Well last night I decided to do my grandmother a favour while she was out of town for the week. I cleaned her whole downstairs area and then went to mop the floor only to find there was no water beca…More

Mustard Gas from Mixing Bleach and Ammonia

My mom's sink had been leaking for quite awhile, so when I went to fix it, I cleaned using bleach in case there was mold. Apparently, some window cleaner had been spilled and soaked into the wood. Th…More

Bleach and Cat Urine Toxic Vapors

I got down on my hands and knees with dish washing gloves on and a scrub brush in hand and started scrubbing the bleach water into the cat urine. I didn't think I'd put too much beach into the water…More

Potassium Poisoning

I was in my room and my sister bought me some potassium from the black markets in Bali. I ate it it was sopposed to make you feel stronger but it didn't. I knew i was in trouble when i passed out and…More

Ammonia Poisoning Experience

I put it on the floor straight .I thought if i let it set it would make it whiter.The smell made me a little light headed. so I wen't back and layed down.I waited a little while and looked at my floo…More

Ammonia Poisoning Experience

my sister had given my some amonia so I put it streight on the floor I forgot how to use it it had been a year sinc she gave it to me.I put it on the floor straight .I thought if i let it set it woul…More

Bleach and Toilet Bowl Cleaner

it jsut happened with my dad last night, while in the bathroom he thought it would be a great cleaning solution to pour acid over a toilet bowl where bleach has already been sprinkled, he had to get …More

Psychedelic Mushrooms

When I got home I was sure it was an edible mushroom. But it was not. After I ate it I felt perfect. First I went to the fridge to eat some yogurt that contained very little alcochol. Once I ate it a…More

Bleach and Cat Urine

One of our cats likes to use the bathtub as a cat box... Usually we run water to wash it down the drain and then use bleach to disinfect it.... but today, I just poured the bleach directly on it. It …More

Mixing Bleach and The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner

. I wanted to clean my toilet and poured bleach into the toilet bowl. Then I added The Works toilet cleaner and it immediately started to foam. Soon after there was a very strong smell that actually …More

Bleach and Ammonia Vapors

I was cleaning my carpet for the holidays and I wanted my carpet to be clean very fluffy and sanitized. someone told me to use bleach and ammonia and it will really clean the carpet.while cleaning, t…More

Bleach and Ammonia

My eyes started watering I was coughing out of control and every time I coughed flem would come out my mouth. Had troublem breathing as if I had bronchitis. I called poison control they advised me to…More

Bleach and Urine Toxic Fumes

I poured solid bleach all over my bathroom floor. Heard a fizzing sound but just thought the bleach was cleaning the floor. My mistake was, closing the bathroom door. After 10 minutes, I opened the d…More

Toxic Fumes from Toilet Cleaner, Bleach and Mean Green

I was cleaning the toilet and bathtubs so i decided to just pour all the chemicals into one spray bottle and do it all at once. I noticed a very strong smell so I put a particulate mask on and just k…More

Bleach Cleaning the Litter Box

I got home from vacation and though my sister said she was going to clean the litter box while I was gone, I came back to a mess. The entire thing was filled with urine and I thought it'd be a good i…More

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