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Mole to Gram Conversions

Worked Mole to Gram Conversion Problems


sulfuric acid

This is a three-dimensional model of a sulfuric acid (sulphuric acid or oil of vitriol) molecule, H2SO4.

Ben Mills

This worked example problem shows you how to convert moles to grams.


Determine the mass in grams of 3.60 mol of H2SO4.


First, look up the atomic masses for hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen from the Periodic Table. The atomic mass is 1.008 for H; 32.06 for S; 16.00 for O. The formula mass of H2SO4 is:

2(1.008) + 32.06 + 4(16.00) = 98.08

Thus, one mole of H2SO4 weights 98.08 grams. This relation provides a conversion factor to go from grams to moles. Using the factor 98.08 g / 1 mol:

grams H2SO4 = 3.60 mol x 98.08 g / 1 mol = 353 g H2SO4


353 g H2SO4


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