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Molarity Example Problem

Calculate Molarity of a Sugar Solution


Sugar cubes are pre-measured blocks of sucrose.

Sugar cubes are pre-measured blocks of sucrose.

Uwe Hermann

A 4 g sugar cube (sucrose: C12H22O11) is dissolved in a 350 ml teacup filled with hot water. What is the molarity of the sugar solution?

M = m/V
where M is molarity (mol/L)
m = number of moles of solute
V = volume of solvent (Liters)

Step 1 - Determine number of moles of sucrose in 4 g

C12H22O11 = (12)(12) + (1)(22) + (16)(11)
C12H22O11 = 144 + 22+ 176
C12H22O11 = 342 g/mol
divide this amount into the size of the sample
4 g/(342 g/mol) = 0.0117 mol

Step 2 - Determine the volume of solvent in liters

350 ml x (1L/1000 ml) = 0.350 L

Step 3 - Determine the molarity of the solution

M = m/V
M = 0.0117 mol /0.350 L
M = 0.033 mol/L


The molarity of the sugar solution is 0.033 mol/L.

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