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Poisonous Mushrooms Video Review

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The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly - Taylor F. Lockwood

The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly - Taylor F. Lockwood

Taylor Lockwood

The Bottom Line

Can you tell the difference between a poisonous mushroom and an edible mushroom? Taylor Lockwood's video The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly explains how you can identify edible mushrooms and how to avoid the toxic fungi. The video is perfect for students or anyone interested in mushroom identification. Even if you aren't into mushrooms, the information is valuable for parents, cooks, pet owners, medical professional... pretty much everyone.


  • Dispels common myths about mushrooms.
  • Teaches basic mushroom identification.
  • Video is divided into manageable segments.
  • Features beautiful mushroom photography.
  • Explains how to distinguish between edible and toxic mushrooms.


  • May be a little technical for certain viewers.


  • The video is approximately 50 minutes long, plus there are an additional 10 minutes of extra clips that you can view.
  • Taylor Lockwood explains how you can identify certain edible mushrooms and how you can avoid the toxic mushrooms and fungi.
  • Explains symptoms for several groups of toxic mushrooms.

Guide Review - Poisonous Mushrooms Video Review

I really enjoyed this video. Lockwood has a great sense of humor, which makes a potentially dry subject very entertaining. After watching this video, I'm pretty sure I could identify some edible mushrooms. One of the big take-home messages is not to risk your health on "pretty sure", so I'm sticking with store-bought fungi. Before watching the video, I was unaware of the risk of exposure to monomethylhydrazine from uncooked mushrooms. I'm viewing the salad bar a little differently as a result. I've gained an appreciation for the beauty and diversity of fungi and the differences between different types of mushrooms.

I highly recommend this video, especially for students. It would be a great choice for a cook or person fascinated by poisons or anyone who enjoys hiking.

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