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This Day in Science History

This is an index of science events which took place on this day in history. The science history events for each date include inventions, discoveries, births and deaths of great scientists, as well as significant scientific successes and failures.
  1. April in Science (30)
  2. August in Science (31)
  3. December in Science (31)
  4. February in Science (29)
  5. January in Science (31)
  6. July in Science (31)
  7. June in Science (30)
  8. March in Science (31)
  9. May in Science (31)
  10. November in Science (30)
  11. October in Science (31)
  12. September in Science (30)

History of Chemistry
Learn about the history of chemistry, including the transition from alchemy to chemistry, the discovery of the chemical elements, and the inventions and contributions made by famous chemists and Nobel Prize in Chemistry winners.

Chemistry Timeline
Find out who did what and when they did it. This timeline chronicles achievements in chemistry and in other disciplines (e.g., physics, mathematics) as they apply to chemistry.

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