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Pictures of Snow & Ice Crystals


Snowflakes take many forms. This is a photo gallery of snowflakes and ice crystals. Many of the snow crystals were photographed under an ordinary light microscope, though several were viewed through an electron microscope. If you have a camera with a macro lens, you can try taking photographs of snowflakes yourself.
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Scanning Electron Micrographs of Snow CrystalsSnow ImagesThis snowflake exhibits a fernlike variation of the dendrite shape.Snowflake - Fernlike Stellar DendriteSnowflake ElectromicrographSnowflake ElectromicrographSnow Crystal - Tsuzumi FormSnow Crystal - Tsuzumi Form
Some snowflakes have a columnar shape.Column SnowflakesColumn and bullet snowflakes can grow across a wide range of temperatures.Column and Bullet SnowflakesThis electron micrograph shows an example of a rimed hexagonal snow crystal.Hexagonal Plate Snow CrystalNeedles are slender ice crystals that tend to form when the temperature is about -5 degrees Celsius.Needle Snow Crystals
Most snowflakes exhibit irregular crystalline forms.Irregular Snow CrystalsThis snowflake is a simple hexagonal plate.Hexagonal Plate Snow CrystalThis snowflake exhibits hexagonal plate crystal structure.Hexagonal Plate Snow CrystalThis hexagonal plate snowflake bears the shape of a six-pointed star in its center.Snowflake with a Star

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