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11th Grade Science Fair Projects

Ideas & Help for 11th Grade Science Fair Projects


An 11th grade science fair project can be educational as well as fun.

An 11th grade science fair project can be educational as well as fun. Science fair projects at this level may include inventions and scientific discoveries.

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Introduction to 11th Grade Science Fair Projects

11th grade science fair projects can be advanced. 11th graders can identify and conduct a project on their own. 11th grade students can use the scientific method to make predictions about the world around them and to construct experiments to test their predictions.

11th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

  • Which fruits contain the most vitamin C?


  • Can you find a plant which repels cockroaches? (or flies or ants)


  • Test products for impurities. For example, you could test toys for cadmium or water for lead.


  • Can people tell the difference between a natural tan and one produced by a chemical product?


  • Which brand of disposable contact lenses last the longest before a person decides to switch them out?


  • Where in the house can you find the most bacteria?


  • Is there a relationship between birth rate and season/temperature/moon phase?


  • Which fruit contains the most sugar?


  • Does sound affect plant growth?


  • What materials are effective at blocking sound waves? wi-fi signals? radio waves?


  • Does ethylene cause fir trees (used for Christmas trees) to drop their needles? If so, can you use an ethylene-trapping bag to prevent needle loss?


  • At what angle can you launch a rocket that travels the furthest? a paper airplane?


  • Does cigarette smoke affect plant growth?


  • Can personality type be predicted by music preference?


  • What material is most effective at reducing attraction between two magnets?


  • How can petroleum be dispersed in seawater? How can it be broken down chemically?


  • How close can certains crops be planted together without the plants experiencing crowding?


  • Under what conditions of crowding will cockroaches exhibit aggression?


  • What are good designs to maximize heating efficiency of a solar home?

More Science Fair Project Ideas

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