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Sports Science Fair Project Ideas

Combining Sports with Science for a Perfect Science Fair Project


There is a lot of science in sports. Many types of science fair projects are possible.

There is a lot of science in sports. Many types of science fair projects are possible.


Combing sports and science for your science fair project. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • How does the material from which a baseball bat is made affect performance? How does a wood bat compare with an aluminum bat?


  • Does altitude affect the height of a ball bounce (for example, a golf ball)? If an effect is seen, can you attribute it to the effect of gravity or atmospheric pressure?


  • Examine the effect of energy bars on performance. Pick a sport. Is there a difference in performance if you use a protein-boosting energy bar versus a carbohydrate-boosting energy bar?


  • What is the effect of using a corked baseball bat compared with a normal one?


  • Does drinking an energy drink (or sports drink) affect reaction time? memory?


  • Are there really streaks in baseball? Or is it simply chance?


  • Compare energy drinks based on cost, taste, short term effect, and long term effect.


  • Which sports drink contains the most electrolytes?


  • How is ball diameter related to the time it takes the ball to fall?


  • Does the length of a golf club affect the distance you can hit the ball?


  • Does a swim cap really reduce a swimmer's drag and increase speed?


  • How does exercise affect heart rate?


  • Does exercise affect reaction time?


  • Does regular exercise affect memory?


  • At what slope angle is the mechanical advantage of a bicycle lost, as compared with running?


  • Compare different brands of balls for a sport (like baseball or golf) for cost versus performance.


  • Do helmets really protect against a crash? (presumably tested with a simulant, like a watermelon)


  • What is the best air pressure for a soccer ball?


  • How does temperature affect the accuracy of a paintball shot?


  • Does altitude, temperature, or humidity have an affect on the number of home runs seen at a baseball diamond?


  • Does the presence or absence of a net affect freethrow accuracy?


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