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Free Science Fair Projects

Ideas for Science Fair Projects That Are Free


A science fair project does not have to cost money to be good.

A science fair project does not have to cost money to be good.

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There are lots of good science fair projects that don't cost anything to do. Find a science fair project idea for a project that is free. This is a list of projects that use materials you may already have in your home or that involve gathering data from a free location. If you don't have a material, choose another project.

  • What is the effect of music on plant growth?


  • What fruit contains the highest percent of water?


  • What is the effect of salt on the boiling temperature of water? Sugar?


  • Make a hypothesis and analyze data that you can find online. For example: Are there really streaks in baseball? Or is it chance?


  • Does listening to music while performing a task (e.g., taking a quiz) affect how well you do?


  • Can a saturated saltwater solution still dissolve sugar? Can a saturated sugar solution still dissolve salt?


  • What is the variation of size of eggs in a carton?


  • Where does bread mold the most quickly?


  • What happens if you replace baking powder with baking soda? Baking soda with baking powder?


  • What is the temperature variation in different rooms in a house? What impact does closing/opening doors have on the utility bill?


  • How much time do most kids take to get ready for school in the morning?


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