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7th Grade Science Fair Projects

Topic Ideas & Help for 7th Grade Science Fair Projects


7th graders often design and perform projects with minimal help from adults.

7th graders often design and perform projects with minimal help from adults.

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7th grade and middle school in general are a big time for science fairs because it's a wonderful educational level for students to come up with ideas to explore using the scientific method and ways to investigate their questions. Parents and teachers still provide direction, especially helping students devise manageable experiments and work technology to present their results. However, the actual experiment should be done by the 7th grader. The student should record data and analyze it to determine whether or not the hypothesis is supported. Here are some ideas appropriate for the 7th grade level:

  • Which brand of ibuprofen (or could test another type of pain reliever) dissolves the most quickly?
  • Does the pH of juice change over time?

  • Insects can sense light and dark. Can they still see light if it's only red or blue, etc?

  • How well does a football helmet really protect against impact?
  • How does the concentration of chlorine in water affect the rate or percentage of seed germination?
  • What is the effect of watering schedules on the germination (or growth rate) of seeds from a certain plant?
  • How does the presence of a medication in water affect the suvivability of Daphnia?
  • Does the presence of de-icer salt affect the movement behavior of earthworms?
  • Does the bounciness of a golf ball relate to its ability to be hit a long distance?
  • Does the species of wood affect the rate at which it burns? Its heat output?
  • Does the mass of a baseball bat relate to the distance the baseball travels?
  • Is the paper towel that absorbs the most water the same as the paper towel brand that absorbs the most oil?


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