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1st Grade Science Projects

Ideas for Grade School Science Fair Projects - 1st Grade


1st grade is a great time to explore how things work.

1st grade is a great time to explore how things work and to introduce the scientific method into science fair projects.

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Introduction to 1st Grade Science Fair Projects

1st grade is a great time to get introduced into the scientific method. 1st grade projects should be interesting to the student and mostly exploratory in nature. At this age a teacher or parent needs to help plan the project and offer guidance with a report or poster. Some students may want to make models or perform demonstrations that illustrate scientific concepts. 1st grade science offers a wonderful opportunity to explore how things work.

1st Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

  • What type of food attracts the most flies (or ants)? What do these foods have in common?


  • What happens if you put a chicken bone or an egg in vinegar for a day or a week? Why do you think it happens?


  • Do all students in the class have the same size hands and feet as each other? Trace outlines of hands and feet and compare them. Do taller students have larger hands/feet or does height not seem to matter?


  • Are waterproof mascaras really waterproof? Put some mascara on a sheet of paper and rinse it with water. What happens? Do 8-hour lipsticks really keep their color that long?


  • Do clothes take the same length of time to dry if you add a dryer sheet or fabric softener to the load?


  • Do frozen candles burn at the same rate as candles that were stored at room temperature?


  • Do all types of bread grow the same types of mold?


  • Do raw eggs and hard-boiled eggs spin the same length of time/number of times?


  • Does light affect how fast foods spoil?


  • Can you tell from today's clouds what tomorrow's weather will be?

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