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Chemistry Toys & Gifts

Chemistry Holiday Gift Guide


Are you looking for a chemistry toy or gift for yourself or that special someone? Here's a list of ideas of chemistry toys and gifts. All of these chemistry-related products are available online, so you don't even need to go out shopping (though many of them are available in stores, too).

Chemistry Kit

Thames & Kosmos CHEM C3000 Advanced Chemistry Experiment Kit
A chemistry kit is the obvious choice for a chemistry toy or gift. There are lots of different types of chemistry kits available, ranging from chemistry kits focused on food or slime to more advanced kits that allow you to explore a wide range of chemicals.

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Molecule Kit

Molecular model kits can be used to link atoms and construct molecules.
David Freund, Getty Images
This is sort of like tinker toys... for chemists. You can make molecules from atoms, joined together by stick-like bonds. A molecule kit is a great way to get a hands-on feel for how molecules are put together and shaped.

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Lab Coat

Chemists wear lab coats and safety glasses or safety goggles.
Monica Lau, Getty Images
How do you recognize a chemist? If they are an organic chemist, it might be by the way they smell. Otherwise the dead giveaway involves the lab coat. Every chemist needs a lab coat. Messy chemists may need more than one.

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Easy Homemade Lab Coat Costume


Slime is made by mixing a borax solution with a glue solution.
Anne Helmenstine
What comes to mind when you think of slime? Is it a gelatinous green ooze? Actually, there are a lot of options available for slime. There is the traditional green stuff, glowing slime, edible slime, and putty-like slime. You can get buckets of pre-made slime or you can perform the chemical reaction that polymerizes slime as part of the fun.

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Chemical Volcano

Action Products Mega Volcano
Image courtesy of PriceGrabber.
The volcano kits that you can purchase tend to produce copious amounts of colorful lava, come with a cinder cone or a mold so you can make one, and include educational material about both the chemical reactions that produce the eruption and information about how real volcanoes work.

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Crystal Kits

Smithsonian Crystal Set
Growing crystals is a lot of fun! You can grow crystals that resemble gemstones, crystals that grow before your eyes, and crystals that glow. Most of the crystal kits contain multiple projects, so one kit can keep you busy for a long time.

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Video - How To Grow Crystals

Polymer Kits

Polymer balls can be quite beautiful.
Anne Helmenstine
A polymer kit is a special type of chemistry kit which allows you to investigate the way molecular sub-units join together to form larger structures called polymers. The projects in polymer kits typically allow you to make bouncy balls, polymer 'worms', slime, and jelly marbles.

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Rock Tumbler

Natural Science Thumler's Tumblers A-R1 Rock Tumbler
Rocks are composed of minerals and minerals are chemicals. Plus, there's actually quite a bit of chemistry involved in the polishing process. If you're looking for a geochemistry-related gift, this one's perfect.

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Safety Goggles

Kids age 5-7 wearing safety goggles.
Ryan McVay, Getty Images
You can't do experiments without safety gear, right? Cool eye protection is something all chemists and aspiring chemists need, yet it might be something they wouldn't think to buy for themselves. Thus, safety goggles and safety glasses are a nice chemistry gift!

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Black Light

Ultraviolet light is invisible, but black lights or UV-lamps also emit some visible violet light.
Kallemax, wikipedia.org
A black light is an ultraviolet lamp that provides sufficient energy to cause many materials to glow in the dark. A chemist could use a black light for cool chemistry projects or as a decoration.

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